Sunday, 1 September 2013

How time fly s when your having fun.

This will be my last post before we get back in to our home schooling rhythm after the wonderful summer break. I'm so excited to get back in to it! Every thing is organised , apart from our maths curriculum which i will sort out late on today , after our emergency pencil and eraser buying yesterday.

The kids have been filling the last days of the summer break with all manour of activities. One night they all went of to Cowes to watch the fireworks on board Granddad Pats reconditioned lifeboat. They had a fabulous time. Jasmine took these beautiful pictures to show me.

My self and Gypsie had a pamper session at home that night, we prefer to keep our feet firmly on the ground. We watched gypsies choice of DVD (kung foo panda 2) made some oat and honey face mask and ate chocolate. It was lovely to spend some time with Gypsie. I may have had a crafty nap during the film though!

The following day whilst Paul and Charlie went out on the boat myself and the girls headed down t the beach to the life boat regatta with my mum and brother and sister and their black lab, Bud. Jas once again took some lovely photos , far better than my attempts.

Eva spent a long while cuddling Bud , this picture is lovely because it shows how much she likes him now a while back she would pat her chest meaning that she was frightened. But just recently just out of the blue she's taken a real liking to him.

Iv been busy designing and making some little autumn charactes for our nature table and Evas birthday crown

And if im crafting then i usually have some little people wanting to help or create there own items too.

We have been observing wildlife in the garden and around the village. Yesterday we spotted the frog above in our pond.In the evening i was told by a rather excited Charlie that "There is another frog on top of the frog we saw earlier,,,they are  having sex!"
We learnt a lot about frog reproduction yesterday evening.

we have spent many days on the beach, swimming (jasmine set herself the goal of swimming every day last week and she did it!) paddling,picnicking, building, fishing, crabbing and exploring.

We spent last Monday evening watching the carnival at St Helens, playing on the park and trying our luck with fair ground attractions (Paul stayed and home with Gypsie because neither of them find the fair fun) before picking up fish and chips before bed.

It was a lovely evening.

This past week Gypsie has been doing lots of baking, jam tarts, vegan cakes and a trifle too. She is getting to be very independent in the kitchen now. There has also been a lot of crafting going on as well.

Gypsie has rolled some lovely beeswax candles.

And a beautiful tissue paper tealight lantern.

She's also been spending time helping her baby sister get creative too.

Summer made a cute teddy bear photo frame.

Jasmine and summer have been busy and managed to put together this 3d puzzle that we borrowed from the library, in just a few hours.

Charlie also borrowed a 3d puzzle of a 777 piece grandfather clock. i will share a picture with you soon should we ever complete it!

And in other news despite me feeling like death warmed up a recent routine scan appointment shows that alls well with baby bump.

 And as this recent photo shows he or she is making a good seat for little Eva.


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