Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Its the end of another day , and here's what we have gotten up to.

This morning was very busy indeed.
Summer and Eva were the first ones up, they enjoyed some books and a cuddle and some breakfast before the other three arose.

They were both sat at the kitchen table and summer had started her main lesson by the time the others got up. mind you it was only around 9 am.

 Summer and spent time looking at Africa. she drew a lovely map and included the main rivers and mountains. We also read an African folk law "Malouge escapes the humans" and she drew from it and retold it in her Main lesson book.

 As soon as Charlie woke he was eager to paint his shield. he made a great job of it .

Gypsie woke up keen to crack on with her lesson too. Today we explored the way that sound can provoke emotions. I played her Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake and Beethoven's Pastorale .The idea was that she would paint how the music made her feel. It was a no go. Not something that she felt able to do at all. so we moved on. And talked about positive and negative words we read Emoto's peace project children's book together.
"The secret language of water"


His finding are absolutely amazing (although my nearly thirteen year old dispels all his work as rubbish) and his work is well worth a read.

We are trying out the positive affirmation vs negative affirmation experiment. the jar full of cooked rice labelled YOU FOOL should over time become mouldy where as the THANK YOU jar rice should stay white.....we shall see. we have done this experiment before without much success. I joked and said its because there were just too many positive vibes and love in the house...who knows!

Jasmine continued to learn about Joan of arc. it would appear she took a lot in from watching her DVD yesterday and was telling me a lot of information whilst we sat together and followed a tutorial on how to draw Joan of arc.

 By now it was lunch time and i hadn't got around to doing Charlie's main lesson with him.

Eva made lunch time quite stressful, she got very upset because she couldn't have my pasta (it contained egg and she's suspected as being allergic) i also got very stressed and thankfully she decided to have a little nap. and i mean little , i think it was possibly in the region of around ten minutes.

Still it was long enough for me to read Charlie part two of the St Francis story and for us to make these little clay churches.

Mum came by quickly to drop us in a new chicken water feeder that dad had kindly picked up for me and Charlie asked if he could go back with her to show granddad his newly painted shield. Of course she agreed and he spent a couple of happy hours at nanny and granddads helping in the garden , eating sweets and generally having a lovely time.

I managed to fall asleep on the sofa for five minutes with Eva climbing all over me and woke up in the most horrendous mood.Jasmine made some very gorgeous friend ship bracelets and  Gypsie  baked some delicious biscuits but got a talking to for all the mess she had made. (bad mummy moment)

We have had a lovely evening tonight , I took a stroll to the shop with Charlie and Summer ( I strolled they jogged) in the rolling mist whilst Paul took the others to see his dad for a few minutes.

Later this evening after  when Eva was asleep Gypsie did some sewing, Jasmine and i watched a documentary about stage school and then Summer asked me to play Scrabble with her. we had a couple of games before heading up to bed in time for me to read to Charlie.

And just a minute ago i got ever so excited when i noticed the security light at the bottom of the garden was on. i could make out what looked like a hedge hog so i went upstairs to see if any of the girls were still awake. Jasmine and i pulled on dressing gowns only to find that I'm either going mad (very possible) or that it had scampered off.

                                                                And on that note im off to bed.

Tomorow will be another busy day with the added fun of birthday preparations !!!


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