Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Sunshine and Shopping

Yesterday  i had a big old list of jobs to get done online, Groceries, clothes shopping, birthday present buying, printing of emails for my brother , redirecting a parcel, the list goes on..... This took me the majority of the morning and whilst i sat at the computer the children played on wii dance (big favourite with Summer and Eva at the moment) and charlie created a battle scene, likened to star wars with his Lego and Gypsie baked some cinnamon buns.

My sister did pop in for a while as did my dad.Dad came down to give me some runner bean seeds so I can attempt to grow some more.The plants he had given me didn't last too long as they proved to be just too tasty for the slugs , saying that though i haven't actually seen a slug on them but I'm assuming slugs!
He also let Charlie and Eva have a ride on his mobility scooter. I'm sure the neighbours and passers buy must think we are totally mental , but hey they love it and I'm sure there is educational benefit in learning to drive one. ha..ha...

I really missed Jasmine yesterday, shes a very independent girl and I'm used to her going out and doing her own thing but yesterday she was out all day. She left at eight thirty and returned home with her loot at around six. She had been shopping in Portsmouth with my mum and my sister.Although iv taken her off the island when she was little she couldn't remember it so this was her first time of travelling by boat that she was aware of.She was fine and had an amazing day. She said shed like it if we could go together one day.Its got to be a good 11 years since i even left the island..i am a hopeless traveller, the sheer mention of buses, coaches, boats e.c.t. brings me out in a rash! But iv said that much as i hate to travel it would be lovely to spend some time with jasmine.

 In the afternoon whilst Eva, charlie and summer played chase and Gypsie drew I got on with the  removal of brambles from the hedge outside our lounge window. Think removing chewing gum from your hair and u will get a feeling for the task! It took blooming ages but now looks a lot better.
When i d finished I felt a bit poorly and went for a sit down , that turned in to a lay down, I actually drifted of for about ten minutes but Eva was in capable hands .I woke to find she had a fresh nappy on and was playing a toddlers game on the wii, shape and colour recognition and counting practise!
Summer had also loaded the dishwasher too.

Summers friend came round to play at around four and stayed for dinner .Jasmine returned home and showed us all that she had brought ( this included a present for charlie,Eight tops, a wall plaque, nail varnish, sunglasses,a cap, a fathers day gift for grandad and dad and an outfit for Eva) and after she had eaten my sister , jasmines best friend, came round ..and once again our little house and garden was full of happy children!

Ohhh one last thing, could i please ask that if you do enjoy reading my blog about our life , that you take time to vote for Our Home Ed Journey in the Circle of Mums Top 25 Homeschooling Moms blog list. If one thing is taken away from reading my blog i hope it is the fact that home education is legal and very much doable.I think its really important that we get that message out there.

Many thanks xxx