Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Painting, Gardening and our My Little Atelier kit

Since my last post we have been enjoying more beautiful weather.

I felt a bit tired on Sunday and Gypsie and Summer really wanted to go down to the beach. Eva fell asleep on my knee nursing and i really didn't feel like the beach, preferring to just sit and snuggle .
I agreed that because Jasmine, my sister Courtney and my nephews were down at the beach , it would be ok for them to go down by themselves. I felt a bit guilty not going but with a few rules set in place off they went. The girls eldest cousin is 19 and they are all pretty sensible, i was a little freaked by the sea and the prospect of one of them paddling out too deep but an hour later they were back home telling me they had gotten

Monday was productive day. I finally got round to finishing off painting the stairs, with a little help from my little man. Its all looking much better now we have covered up all the nasty chipped wood!

 We also erected a support frame for the tomatoes and i weeded the onions and garlic and planted out the cucumbers.
 While charlie, Eva and i were outside jasmine baked some yummy cookies and personalized them for each of us....super cute!

 My mum visited in the afternoon and after that with Eva having her nap i decided to get out the My Little Atelier kit , that we have been kindly sent by my beautiful friend Natasha.
An 'Atelier' is an art studio,  each box as a complete 'studio', equipped with all the tools needed to complete an art project. Each project is based around the inspiration and works of an artist.
 These beautiful boxes are also inspired by the Reggio Emilia method . The belief is that children learn best from real art and real artists.This is something i very much agree with.


The children were all eager to join in.

My self and the girls were all taken by the pretty lid on the paint pot which matched perfectly with the colour of the shredded paper...

 The artist that this box was inspired by Alberto Giacometti , we looked up images of his work before the children began their sculptures.
We talked about the look of his works of art, how the figures are tall and elongated .And then they got straight down to their own creations.

 For  Charlie, who is six, the talk of long legs and necks lead him to think about giraffes so he sat and tried desperately hard to make a giraffe...not easy, and he got a little frustrated and after a few attempts decided to give up.

The girls concentrated on there projects for quite some time. Even jasmine who is the least arty of all the girls sat and made her stick man and covered him in foil.

And here are the final products....

jasmine decided not to paint hers...

 Summers is a ballerina
 And last of all here is gypsies

They were all pleased with how they turned out and i would recommend these boxes. just one box was enough for all four of the children to carry out the activity.

The instructions included in the box were clear and easy to follow and it is all well presented.

If your interested in getting these kits for your own children, for more information pop over to for 

Monday evening was summers dance classes and then the children stayed out late playing in the garden with friends.

yesterday the kids were all happily entertaining themselfs so i used that as an operrtunity to get the lawns tidied and mowed . in the afternoon we headed down to mums to measure up there trampoline for a new net. Summer and charlie helped record measure ments ......a littkle  maths lesson.
we then headed to the sghop for sweets , smoothy and balloons to use as water bombs, as you do!
lots of fun was had splashing one another while i stayed dry planting out some purple sprouting plants.

Again every bit of sunshine was seized as they played out in the garden with friends and took care of the animals.

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