Friday, 7 June 2013

Hand bone cookies, Snail races and worms!

 Yesterday I'll admit that I would not have won any prizes for being the best or most patient of mums in the world.I felt quite poorly and the mess that kept being created was really stressing me out, if I tidied one room i'd walk out of it in to the other and low and behold it looked as though a bomb had been dropped.

The only time I got to sit down was whilst I enjoyed a cuppa with mum as Eva nursed and slept a while in my arms.

But I need to remember ..its only mess caused by the kids having fun and and creating memories.
We realy did have loads of fun yesterday .

Just look at what was going on here.

I made up a batch of dough (then was interrupted by the grocery delivery..which took quite some time to pack away ..even longer still as the delivery driver had to return due to forgetting to deliver our frozen food, then my youngest brother popped in for me to order his festival tickets..I thought these cookies would never get done)

These hand bone biscuits are really affective. Using a labeled diagram for reference we used different colored doughs to create the different bones in the hand.

Jasmine planted up some parsley.

Later in the afternoon we had a snail race.
Having been screeching at a very noisy jet in the morning and then cheering on my snail in the afternoon , I'm expecting the men in white coats to come and collect me very soon!

We then decided to make a worm farm.Every week for the past four weeks id been ordering a bag of play sand with my groceries and every week it had been out of stock. But seen as we had finally acquired the sand we finally got to go ahead with our project.

it was just charlie and i, I cut the top if a lemonade bottle, and made drainage holes in the bottom and breathing holes in the top ( the part id cut off) Charles found some stones  to place in the bottom and then layered up compost and sand. He got on with this independently for a while as i was needed in the nappy changing department.
He then needed a little help holding up the bottle as it kept tipping as he was filling it.

We poured some soapy water around and about the garden but had no success in seeing any worms so i dug over the remaining part of the veg bed and we managed to acquire for wiggly worms.
Worms are not charlies favorite of creatures.He used to spend hours collecting slugs , snails and such like when he was about three years of age but as hes got older he doesn't want to touch them any more. He used a spade to pick the first two up , but as it was quite tricky i suggested we both "man up" and we both handled the last two.

We popped them on top of the compost that made up the top layer and watched them wiggle down through the layers.

 We intend to feed them and keep the moist , observe them and then release them in a few days time.

Summer made a beautiful cake and Gypsie baked her famous flap jacks.

 Jasmine took some notes on the H.M.S. Victory as she had seen it on her visit to Portsmouth the previous day.
 At the end of the day i was absolutely shattered as was Eva.

So much so that she slept the whole night from 10pm until 6pm, i cant believe it shes not done that since she was around six weeks old when she teased me with a few weeks worth of sleep!

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