Sunday, 2 June 2013

Hello June

I cant believe its June already ...the years whizzing by at an astounding rate , i'm pretty sure it will be Christmas before i know it.

We had a brilliant day yesterday.

Jasmine decided on Friday that she would like to try and sell a few of her old toys and horse related items at the car boot sale.
I said that i'm sure it would be fine if they just set up a blanket with there stuff on and sure enough when i asked the people in charge , they were absolutely fine with it. They didn't even charge the girls for there little stall. ( such a relief as im sure they would have been out of pocket)

The man on the stall next to the girls was absolutely lovely , sharing his crisps with Eva and trying to teach Summer to juggle mar balls. Also telling people to come and get their bargains on the girls stall.

They only made about three pounds, but it was a good experience for them and they were not put of and have asked if it would be OK to try again another weekend. This one was short notice .i think with a little more planning they will earn more next time.Also with it being the first car boot sale of the season here in Bembridge it was not as busy as it can get.

Of course although  windy it was lovely and sunny too.

Paul finished of the fountain adding the fish.

After the car boot sale we headed to the shop where i managed to forget Eva's bum cream and create too much unwanted attention as i hoicked a large bag of compost across the pram handles promptly tipping the whole pram forwards with Eva in it right on to my left foot. Eva was absolutely fine but my Ego and my foot were a bit bruised.....i then shouted at the older girls for standing there mouth a gape instead of rushing to help.....enough said about the whole ordeal the better and a huge thank you to my little sister for lugging the big bag of compost home for me.

Back home once everyone had been fed and watered and Paul was back from the shop with the said bum cream  and refreshments we met with my auntie and uncle and walked down to the beach. Strolling along in the breeze ( o.k wind) we all got a little burnt, it felt so cool down by the shore.
 My brother and sister in law also caught up with us on the beach and we all walked right from Lane end to Ducie .
It was the round the island yaught race yesterday and we were happy to catch sight or the last few boats heading past.
it was a perfect afternoon.

Once home and a very tired Eva , who had been carried by a big sister asleep  part of the way home,was soundo on the sofa , and after much debate .The girls decided they would like chow main for dinner. Summer helped me make that and then i helped (well more like watched) charlie fill two baskets with compost and use the miracle grow seed and core mix. Charlie had seen the product on the telly and liked the look of it .And being wonderfully kind Grandad had saved him some after using it in his own garden.

Charlie also asked our neighbour if he could play fetch with their dog. And happily received a "yes"
He adores animals as much as his sisters.

It was a very late night for us, the children were out on the trampoline and playing football until just after nine. As madam slept for two and a half hours after our walk she had lots of energy to play in to the night!
But such a beautiful day.


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