Thursday, 30 May 2013

A wedding a street fair and a pea soup pond!

oh its been a little while hasn't it...

 I feel as though i should kicks myself for not blogging more regularly, .
The truth is our days are plodding along just fine and before i know it another days over and come ten o clock all i want to do is cuddle up in bed with Eva ,yes we are still co-sleeping!

 I have been reading 'Grammar Land' with  Gypsie and summer.

A classic written by M.L. Nesbitt (first published 1878)

In the  Grammar-Land, the parts of speech have been arguing about which of them is most important.  The book is written with the “children of Schoolroom-shire” as the audience, and as each part of speech comes before the judge,they must explain themselves.

So far we have met .Mr Noun , Little Artical and Mr Pro-Noun.

Its a fun way to learn all about the different parts of speech.Judge Grammar also asks tasks of the children of schoolroom shire. This gives the girls the opportunity to put what they have learnt from the story in to practise..

I downloaded the story as a free PDF from

Charlie has been using his maths gnomes and their gems and learning about odd and even and place value.
we are using lessons from Serendipity, gnomes and gnumbers block.

Paul decided our murky almost swamp like pond needed a filter and Summer has  enjoyed this project. She shopped with him, helped dig the trench for the under ground cables and threaded the wires through the casing. she has a really good understanding of the way the filter works too.

The pond water has in the past week turned from pea soup to lovely clear water. Paul and charlie even saw a newt at the weekend!

Today the postman brought a fish fountain , he will be gracing our pond spouting out water from his mouth and we can get rid of the make do slab and brick!

Charlie and Paul went off to the beach to collect some stones for around the edge of the pond and Charlie came back with a piece of granite, an old metal pipe and a rock that he believes to be a fossil;, A further beach trip with me and the girls the next day turned up some beautiful glass, more granite and smoothed twigs. he has set up a museum of his finds in the back garden.

Myself and my gorgeous girls attended a wedding on Saturday.  Paul was poorly and doesn't "do" formal occasions anyway , and Charlie decided to stay behind with him because of the "mushy stuff" im pretty sure hes referring in particular to the may now kiss the bride...part of the ceremony.

 I'm so proud of my beautiful girls , all looking so blooming grown up!!!!

On Monday we had a nice walk up through the village with my , mum, brother, sister, uncle and auntie,to the street fair. lucky dips were played, ice cream, candy floss, and velvet arts were brought and the fire engine sat in , we also took a look in at the classic car show. it was a lovely afternoon .

 Tuesday , Charlie proved himself more than capable of setting up a small picnic bench. He loves any projects that use tools weather it be mechanical or wood work!

Charlies also  found time to be a pirate and a droid.

And to make up a new language!

And of course there is always time for cuddles , even if your a guinea pig.


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