Thursday, 9 May 2013

Removal from the schools admission list

Goodness me .
I don't remember it being so difficult last year , when i explained that we didn't need the place allocated to jasmine at Sandown bay academy.

 perhaps it was................

This September if Gypsie was in school she would be due to start secondary school. I ignored the letters and forms as normal thinking if i didn't fill them in we wouldn't be allocated a place .....WRONG.

we keep receiving invites to open days and evenings and today a pen pal letter arrived for Gypsie from a year seven student.I didn't exactly inspire us with confidence.

Here's what it said...........

Dear pen pal

Don't be worried about coming here because once you get here you will realise that any worrying is pointless.

The school is very, very big but don't worry.You will get lost everyone does, you will be thinking your small compared to other people but it is OK! when you start you are allowed to get lost for two weeks.when you start people try to get you down but don't worry.just ignore them!

Every day we have three lessons that are 90 minutes long (do not worry you get used to it!)
we have 20minutes break and 30minutes lunch.with some lessons like drama and dance we have 1 for half the year and the other 1 for the last half year.

Like i said the school is very, very big.but do not worry! when you come here to be shown around you will see that it is amazing! and all worries are useless.

From ****** (your pen pal)

p.s. i hope you can read my writing and spelling.

So in summery , its big, people pick on you and you have to endure three 90minute lessons each day.

sounds fun hey!!!! OH BUT AT LEAST YOU ARE ALLOWED TO GET LOST FOR THE FIRST TWO WEEKS!!!..that part made us laugh!

I thought it about time i got this sorted.I phoned the school.The receptionist told me she would pass on my message to the head of year seven

I was called by the head of year seven , who told me to phone county hall.

I phoned county hall and have been told i need to put something in writing.

Iv sent an email.......

 Dear Sir/ madam .

I am writing to request that you remove my daughter (Gypsie Lake) from the school admissions list. we have received various invites and letters from the Sandown bay academy.

We are a home educating family , known to the LEA in contact annually with Judy Digby.

 Like her Sisters and brother,Gypsie is very happy being home educated and we intend to continue educating her at home rather than her attending secondary school.

Could i please have it sent to me in writing that you have removed her from the admission list.

Kind regards,

Gemma Lake

Hopefully i will hear from them soon.

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