Thursday, 9 May 2013

End of April begining of May

Since my last post we have celebrated St Georges day and May day .

On St Georges day we painted these dragons and read the story of St George.

We also colored in these lovely pages from

 All the talk of knights inspired Charlie to use his teifoc bricks to create a castle .His sisters joined in too.

  On May day we made ankle bells and beautiful ribbon wands, Charlie and Eva danced about the garden in order to attract the faeries with the tinkling of bells. (unfortunately my camera is playing up so i don't have the pictures i took of our May day activities)

We have spent time looking at the way in which the earth is formed looking at the different layers and making play-dough models to cut in half giving them a cross section to study.


 We have designed padding and parachutes for eggs before throwing them out the bedroom windows.

 We have preformed experiments to see how plants suck up water and made volcanoes and tried the coke and mentos experiment too!

There have been rainbows in our maths ,

 we have worked out the area of our names in cubic center meters.

 Gypsie and summer have been  making edible jewellery.
 Charlie and i have made a new set of maths gnomes.

 And charlie has made a start on a shark lap book.

 There has of course been loads more going on and with the brighter weather we have been been spending as much time outside as possible.Charlie has planted up some hanging baskets and tomato and pepper plants in to grow bags and we all have beautiful healthy tans developing.

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