Saturday, 20 April 2013


Oh yes , i can feel it .

A few signs...

My gorgeous boy with grass stained jeans
My poor baby getting her first nettle sting
Seeing the first butterfly of the year
My eldest daughter went out this morning and i swear when she came back this evening every freckle on her face was a shade or two darker.
An afternoon spent at the park and reading in the sun.
A glowing bonfire  this evening to clear away the hedge trimmings.

Summers coming ...

( I'm trying not to get too excited...i don't want to risk scaring the sun away again!)

And with it the prospect of a garden full of veg and happy playing children, a toddler exploring and the hens dust bathing.

I cant wait.

Today has been such a lovely day .My gardening plans were set aside as the little ones wanted to visit the park. we have lapped up the sunshine and the promise of a fresh new season.



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