Thursday, 28 March 2013

The past week amongst other things,we have Visited the library and the cash and carry (good mathematical tasks involved in pricing up items ) the girls have been roller blading , Summers been to her dance lesson,Jasmines been ice skating for the first time ever, and thoroughly enjoyed herself, the girls have all come down with a nasty cold and the baby has refused to sleep.

We have been baking and creating .
Charlie has been asking me to help him create paper toys . we spent the vast majority of a whole day making, boats, a medieval trebuchet , plane, light house a mini theater and some paper dolls which he turned in to puppets.

We have also Celebrated Gypsies 11 Th birthday. I cant quite believe that Gypsies 11 already .

 And we have  begun to prepare for Easter.

Jasmine has been blowing eggs.And using lots of different methods to dye and decoupage them.

 We all tried our hand at making some Ukrainian Easter egg wall decorations. using a method of layering up wax and washes of food dye.They didnt turn out quite as well as i hoped i think perhaps the natural food dyes were not up to the task.but they were still fun to make.

 Yesterday i read some of our childrens bible stories to Summer and Charlie and we all  (with the exception of Jasmine , who spent most of the day asleep as her body fights of the nasty cold) made these paper Resurrection eggs. Each egg folds back to reveal a symbol and an explanation of its place in the Easter story.

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