Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Today ........... Just what has been achieved ?

Today has been about.....

 The delivery of groceries  and Summer insisting on tidying and sorting the fridge whilst packing away the said groceries.

Hanging washing out on the line.

Sisters playing football on the drive way in the spring sunshine.

The playing of Lego, and charlie taking a little interest in the blocks that id stuck the alphabet too.

Gypsie deciding she would like a cup cake themed birthday tea party , and the ordering of supplies.

The using the worktop sides as an easel for crayoning.

The making of paper boats for races and transporting Lego men.

 Gypsie baking biscuits, and me burning them ...oops.

Drinking herbal tea with my mum.

Playing cafes and Charlie writing out our orders.

And Charlie giving daddy and i a lecture on lighthouses and sharks.

He provided us with shark notebook pages , he had made for us to take notes.

I was thinking what a lazy achieving nothing kinda of day it had been...but now I'm thinking otherwise!

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