Thursday, 14 February 2013

Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and St Valentines day

This week I'm finding it so very hard to motivate the girls. They are happy to spend hours and hours at a time , quite possibly days at a time sat in front of screens, whether that be t.v , wii console or computers and then theres there phones as well.
I need to remember that these are all educational tools .....keep remembering that...
I find it so worrying that Gypsie has been spending a lot of time upstairs on the computer away from the rest of the family, but on asking her  if shes ok i always get a yes .I guess she is happy to be in her own company .But I'm still trying to make her aware that we miss her being involved in what we are doing.

On shove Tuesday we discussed what we were giving up for lent. The four youngest are not giving up anything .I'm giving up Coffee and out of solidarity and support Jasmine has said she will do too. Its hard going , iv been a very stressed mummy at times to day and find myself cleaning to take my mind off of reaching for that lovely rich brown liquid I'm obviously so addicted too. I had printed of some pancake pictures a wordserch and such like but no one wanted to do those and i spent all afternoon helping jas make a patchwork cushion . Cute huh!

We have set ourselfs the challange of making her a patch work duvet cover and pillow case .

That evening after dinner i made those who wanted them pancakes and inspired by one of her friends ,Jasmine and i had melted cream egg as our filing!

After more pancakes for a certain little person,Ash Wednesday was spent sewing seeds and sewing a purse.

 ( you ll notice Charlie has had his hair cut...he asked for it to be like daddy's and sure enough it is just as short as Paul's   :(    )

 We visited the shop for milk and popped in to the charity shop where i found this cute kit.

Although Charlies initial reaction at the till girly stuff!!...he asked if he could have the kit and very much enjoyed watching the compost block expand, sewing the seeds and sprinkling the glitter.I notice that there are no fairy's in the tray though only elf's!
Whilst in the charity shop i also picked up a couple of charity boxes and explained that id be placing all the money i would have been spending on coffee over the period of lent in to the box. I'm hoping the kids will add a few pence too.

Jasmine slotted together the boxes for me.

That afternoon jasmine and i worked on another sewing  project, we created a purse. Its yet to be finished with a button that has somehow been lost.

Today being St valentines day i was woken by Paul with a cup of coffee ...oh the temptation!!!....but i declined.

Then on going downstairs i was greeted by the table set out ready for me to have breakfast. Summer had provided me with heart shaped cutters and everything i needed for tea and toast along with a gorgeous home made card.

 To be honest its been a tough day , between arguing and fighting , a visit from dad, a grocery delivery and a sick baby the kids have been baking.

jasmine baked cup cakes.
 Summer baked a vegan chocolate cake

And i helped charlie make some love truffles.

I'm hoping that tomorrow will be less stressful.

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