Saturday, 16 February 2013

Yesterday was indeed a better day.

Not so much arguing ....

Charlie got up early , eager to explore an electrics set that had arrived in the post the previous day. Paul had printed off a map of a circuit to follow but Charlie decided that he wanted to invent his own stuff. Of course i went along with that idea and although  the set is way to advanced for a six year old ( actually even i was struggling ) he managed to get some lights lit, make the speaker work and run a motor.

He then decided he would like to do some cutting and pasting and asked that i printed off some bits and pieces from the Lego website.

Whilst we were busy the girls were getting up and I reminded them that getting dressed needed to become a priority as I needed to return books to the library . Once the girls had eaten and dressed it was about eleven thirty and Summer was in full on winging mode. Apparently she didn't want to go to the library. iIoffered the suggestion that perhaps she could go up the road to nanny n grandads house instead , but nope Summer decided on complaining loudly all the way up in to the village.

We went to the bank for me to make a catalogue payment (overdue ...oooops) and take out money for the gas , which I actually forgot to put on the card ( big ooops) then we returned o  ur books , I knew one was  still missing at home but soon found we actually had three books overdue ( oooops ...yet again) but fortunately as they were all kids books there was no fine to pay.

Charlie got just one book about dinosaurs , which is unusual as he usually insists on bringing home half the children's section. the girls didn't borrow any books. Summer wanted to rent a DVD but after the fuss she made about coming to the library i didn't allow her to get it , because we would have needed to return it today or Monday and clearly she hates walking to the library. I actually feel guilty that i didn't let her get it now ;(

The girls persuaded me to buy them chips for lunch on the way home and we plodded home in the warm spring sunshine.

Summer made a den  down the side of her bed  and decorated the wall with pretty tissue  paper stars .She has made  comfy space to sit and has a stack of books to read. i think this is why she didn't want to go out in the morning ....she wanted to be in her den.

Gypsie spent all of the afternoon and evening on the computer and drawing.

Charlie played Lego star wars on the wii and did more electronics and cutting and sticking.

My mum visited in the afternoon and then my beautiful eldest daughter and my youngest sister headed back in to the village to get the gas id previously forgotten.

There were the usually loads of washing and hoovering  , cooking and tidying that comes with a smal home full of little ones and all the outside chores that come with having a garden full of pets,i was able to hang out a load of washing on the line too, i cleaned the kitchen worktops  and window sills and threw out the sea monkeys that unfortunately dried out, the bathroom got a clean, bin s were emptied and i made a start on cleaning and arranging the kitchen cupboards... my throat n chest felt almost normal again for the first time in months so i thought id take advantage of feeling well.

All in all a good day.


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