Monday, 4 February 2013


Iv been feeling poorly and the kids have been left to follow there own desires throughout much of January. There have been many hours snuggled up inside whilst mummy feels sorry for herself whilst trying to keep everyone fed , watered , clean and happy but secretly counting down the hours till bed!

There was a snow day !!! That was heaps of fun. I pulled Summer and Eva up and down the road in the little plastic sledge ,Eva adored every moment of it .

Paul veering in to a bank in the car and damaging the radiator was perhaps not so much fun.

The snow was all but gone by the next morning , but  in keeping with the freezing weather i suggested to the kids  made ice mandalas.

Pretty ....

Jasmine has been a busy girl making  eco friendly dishwasher powder and hand wash for me.

Gypsie spent time drawing birds and feeding them too.

And we started lap booking again. Charlie really enjoyed making this knight one.

There has been of course lots and lots of baking.

Robot building.

And Jasmine went to the SOS lifeboat event and came back telling me all the info she had taken in whilst having a tour round the boat.


  1. What a pretty display you hung on to the trees, I love the ice medals idea. It looks like your have indeed kept themselves busy with some lovely activities - hope you're now feeling better.

  2. Sorry for not noticing your message before. Thank you for your lovely comment . I m actually finally feeling human after months of poorlyness.x