Monday, 4 February 2013

BACK ON TRACK, Egypy, Islam and Roman numerals

I vowed last week to get back in to our rhythum.

And we  pretty much managed it.

It was a pretty stressful week with dad being in hospital after his hip replacement op and with mum making me see the dr about my throat , but long phome calls with dad and throat swabs aside it was a good week.


Gypsie and Summer have started a main lesson block on Egypt. so far we have have some very beautiful title pages .We have  drawn maps, looked at the family tree of Egyptian Gods, hieroglyphics and  the Rosetta stone . We have also looked at ancient Egyptian crops and food and compared that to modern day Egyptian  diet as well as the building of pyramids and mummification.

Jasmine has started a block on Islam.
we have discussed and written about Muhammad, the five pillars( how they relate to her own beliefs and values) Ramadan and pilgrimage.

Charlie has began a block on roman numerals.
each day we have solved a riddle relating to a number and he has illustrated it in him main lesson book.

Riddle one

I live in the sky
up far away
I brighten the earth
I bring light to our days
And each night when the day is done
You will be sure I'm the only one.
what am i ?

....the sun

 Riddle two

For me and you
We each have two
Its not our feet
Our hands to eat
Our legs are strong
But that too is wrong
Our arms are bold
But this we can hold
With these you see with so much glee.

What am i ?

...the eyes.

Charlie drew a gnome kind and labelled not only his eyes but his hands and arms too.

Riddle three

With these three you can depend
with them all your time you spend
what am i?


The answer to this refers to the family in the container story we have been using this year. Joseph , Ben and Katie,

Charlie drew himself and his daddy and i.

 Riddle four

Fire and water, wind and air
Are all things we have to share

What are we?

the elements


He has carefully drawn the roman numeral on the corner of each page.

There is something so special about young children's drawings, the attention to detail is amazing..daddy's stubble the ruffles on mummy shirt...i just love it!

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