Thursday, 17 January 2013

Enthusiasm needed!

The winter days seem to be taking there toll seems by the time iv bathed littlest one I'm ready for bed . Iv been getting settled in my room with books,documentaries, lesson planning and reading with the children from about eight in the evening.
Tonight i have someone calling me for a telephone meeting at 9pm ant do be honest it really feels like quite an effort to show enthusiasm for  tips on book selling when i just want to be under the duvet with books and a child or five.


In a bid to banish the winter blues and fight the fact i want to hibernate i took the kids for a mighty long walk yesterday morning. We walked through Lynchens footpath , up to the windmill and through the woods. I t was lovely but Baby Eva got a little too cold and it took me a frightening amount of time to warm her up.

We will be visiting Lynchens every month and reporting the changes that happen throughout the year. The project is called our sacred place . I got the idea from the January care guide from
Today they each printed of a picture taken yesterday (they all took many photos) and wrote a brief description of what they could see, hear, feel, touch and smell along the footpath.

I thought about a walk today but i have a teeny tiny shard of glass in my foot which I'm yet to manage to remove (excuse for a nice ling hot bath not all bad!!!) and didn't fancy pacing the beach with a sore foot.
Jasmine and Gypsie took themselves off for a nice long walk with there slightly older auntie earlier. This was quite a big deal as Gypsie doesn't usually go out of the house without me and today's walk was her idea!

Charlie and Summer have spent the afternoon making dolls computer desks from boxes and playing on the computer while iv sorted out the book shelf.

I'm trying hard to get back in to our daily rhythm , the long Christmas break has really knocked us off course. We did manage a circle time today .Charlie, Eva , summer and myself played ring a roses, read and acted out a January poem and read a lovely story . Once again these are from the care givers guide at Little Acorn Learning.

I'm hoping next week it will all click back in to place , I may have to revert back to the no computers or wii or T.v before 3pm rule. I don't want to but there is a lack of motivation for anything much here from all of us right now.

I ll leave you with some , mostly child taken , photos from yesterday.

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