Friday, 7 December 2012

Wreaths, St Nicholas and a hard week

This past week has been hard work. 

Tuesday morning i was sat on my bed with Eva when she  stepped of the edge and unfortunately hit her forehead on the chest of draws. This resulted in a small but deep cut just above her right eyebrow. I was a right state and remained that way for quite some time. i was a quivering wreck and Eva , well dispute having a cut head was absolutely fine . After seeing a nurse at medical centre in the next village we were sent p to the hospital a and e department.

I felt so guilty.Guilty because i was sat right next to her and didn't manage to catch her before she hurt herself , and guilty for having a total panicky flip out.

As i said though Eva is just fine .Thank God.

Thursday was another emotional day .I'm not going to go in to it too much but it involves Jasmine talking inappropriately with boys on line. Anger , frustration , embarrassment , mistrust you name it i felt it.And I'm guessing Jasmine did to .

Anyways things have not been easy at all, and to top it all of we have all come down with a cold. Sore throats , bunged up noses , fevers , general yuckyness.

I'm hoping whatever it is doesn't linger too long.

On a more possitive note let me show you some of the lovely things my little ones have been up to .

 Eva continues to be a little book worm...

 We made our Advent leaf to welcome the first Sunday of Advent.

Letters were left out for St Nicholas.

 And gifts were found the next morning .

We spent some time baking and colouring and painting .


 And then late yesterday afternoon the door bell rang and the little ones were very happy to find that an elf was coming to stay again . There were flowers and chocolates to , by means of an apology for arriving late. In the note that accompanied the elf he has informed us that he will try to be good. Although it would seem he has already been up to mischief!

 Upon waking this morning Charlie was very amused to find Peppermint parachuting from the lampshade!

Um what else..... oh Candles, Charlie and Summer asked me if we could make some candles for Nanny and Courtney for gifts.

 I v also helped charlie make a little festivals of light accordion fold book.We intend to research the festivals he is not so familiar with.

Now I'm off to bed and praying that we all wake feeling refreshed and ready to enjoy a festive weekend!

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