Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Two weeks since i last blogged and still the virus lingers .
Sore throats , conjunctivitis,ear aches,head ache, tummy aches you name it iv seen or herd about it or experienced it myself.
Last week Eva was so unsettled all she did was feed , poo and sleep and to cap it all of she was covered in a rash all weekend too. Poor little thing.

Today however she is so happy , its so nice to hear her giggle again n watch her launch herself at her sisters and chase her brother, I'm hoping the other four follow her lead .

so whats been going on in the mists of the poorlyness.


Charlie has been inventing games , games that involve knocking over loo rolls with an orange that you hit using a pool cue !

 I also helped him bake mince pies.

 Summer has been slicing and drying oranges whilst gypsie has been making pop corn garlands.

I brought in our some what dead looking tree to place on the nature table .

The arrival of the Cravendale straws brought much fun.

 Charlies been writing and reading lots of new words and writing m lots of notes.

 and helping out by removing the sweet pea seeds from the dried pods.

 Gypsies been making orange oil burning candles

Charlie tried his hand at making one and when it didn't work out he decided it should become boats for his Lego men!

There has been loads of drawing , i especially like Gypsies picture of a fairy.

Lots of playing and dancing too.

And loads of reading, i also found a maths work book too which Charlie has completed today  Everything is slotting in to place for him now and hes becoming very confident with addition and spelling. He really enjoys it too. I didn't ask him to do any maths he just wanted to . i love the way he is so eager to learn ....

I hope his love of learning continues .
I hope i can keep that spark alive in him !


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