Saturday, 1 December 2012


Oh my goodness its December already , just how fast has this year gone?

This mummy was up until 1.30 am re-stringing the Advent calender i made for the children last year, stuffing it with chocolate coins and candy canes and looking on line and in books for a craft or activity for us to do each day.

Well its an improvement on last year when i was actually sewing the stockings on November the 30th . But one year i will be more organised..i will !!!!!

They are only just our of Evas reach , she can just about touch the stockings but cant get to the goodies!

The kids were very excited to comedown to there calender and eager to see what today's little task was. Just so you know there is  a suggested activity for each day but if the kids don't want to do it then that's totally fine, after all Advent is a fun time of preparation.

Today's activity was to bake Advent spiral bread . The way i explain the spiral to the children is that the days are drawing in now as we walk through the winter days and we head towards the winter solstice and Christmas, but we can still light up these dark days with love and caring and gratitude  .

Baked by Summer , candles placed on by Charlie and lit by Gypsie . There was a few tears and arguments over who was doing what but we got there in the end.

Making bread didn't appeal to Jas and nor did eating with us . Everyone else enjoyed there advent lunch .

After lunch we headed of out on a walk in search of holly for wreath making .We ended up walking all the way to the harbour .Charlie adores playing on the dunes and in the sinking sand. Was a lovely afternoon and also lovely to get in just before the rain to enjoy some warm hot chocolate .


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