Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Yesterday was pretty grim with constant squabbles and quarrels but i can happily report that today was the total opposite.

The morning started of quietly , with the eldest 3 having a lie in Charlie and Eva enjoyed some snuggles.And shared some toast.

While i helped the girls with there work Charlie decided to make a space book.This is the front cover.There were a lot of giggles whilst he was cutting and sticking and colouring Uranus.

Due to the falling apart of the sketch books the girls were using as there main lesson books with them starting new projects we brought out some fresh new more robust books.
I brought some scrap books today that i can glue in all the pages that are falling apart from there previous books.

Jasmines started learning about Rome.
Gypsies studying India.
And Summers just started her first Norse mythology block - The children of Odin.

They all worked very hard this morning .Jasmine retold the story of Romulus and Remus as well as some hand writing practise. Summer retold the first part of The Children of Odin.Yesterday Gypsie retold the Indian flood story of Manu and today wrote her own flood myth.

Charlie is working on the letter W .We read the story of the fisherman and his wife and he drew some pictures to illustrate it too.

He also requested that we bake a fruit cake.

Which was decorated with snow and a snowman.....i guess hes preparing for winter already !

Gypsie baked some cupcakes and Eva enjoyed her first taste of vegan cake mix.

Jasmine made a Halloween drink  from the DK website, called vampire breath! Basically cola with a dollop of ice cream.

 Summer made me a beautiful card!

Charlie thought that Grandad would like some cake and made him a card to go with it. I like his picture of grandad sleeping in his chair!


There have been a couple of sad children today though at times.

 My sister had to have her giant rabbit put to sleep this afternoon as she had a cancerous growth .Charlie shed some tears .He loved India very much and she would even let him rest his head on her back as they both lay on the lawn in the summer sun.

Also Summer had difficulty going to bed this evening , she came down distraught . Sadly a five year old girl has been abducted in Whales . It was playing on her mind and she was worried that she may get taken away.

Sometimes  children are exposed to bad things , I guess all we can do is give them plenty of cuddles and try to answer any questions that arise.

Right now my thought are with the parents of the missing girl and like everyone else I'm praying for some good news.


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