Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Our days are just dashing by.

This weekend was a lovely one, Charlie went in to work with Paul on Saturday morning to help fix Grandad Pats car and then was treated to a look around his Grandads life boat. Charlie has never been on a boat before and he said it was scary in the dingy but he liked it too.I think the pictures speak for themselves.

That afternoon he decided he would make a boat.And was telling me everything he had seen on board the old lifeboat and where abouts all the equipment was and also what it was used for.

Gypsie and I spent a while on Saturday planting some crops out in the raised bed. She really enjoys helping and was in charge of measuring  how far apart the onion and garlic sets and pea seeds needed to be and also how deep within the earth.
 After all was planted she made some stakes in case we forgot what was planted where.

That evening Charlie and Eva enjoyed some snuggles with Sandie , one of our piggys.

 The Kids are all obsessed with Club penguin at the moment and although I'm fully aware of the educational benefits of the site , mathematical strategy games, reading games and more besides, I'm also aware that once I say they can go on it they will happily sit there for hours at a time. So in an effort to keep Sunday morning screen free I decided to take the younger ones to the park. (jasmine was already out with friends)

They had there club penguin fix after lunch though.

 So what been happening this week so far....

Jasmine is supposed to be studying Rome .

After starting a time line of Emperors last week , she went off to her room to finish this and decided it was too frustrating and it unfortunately ended up in the bin. The computer chair ended up being thrown over too : (

That's not what I want.

Not one bit....

 My children like a routine and they usually are happy to follow my lead.The younger ones still are .But now Jasmine has shown me that shes no longer willing to study things she has no interest in.

And why should she. I wouldn't read an article on line or in a magazine that had no interest to me.I wouldn't watch a program that didn't hold my attention....so why should she.

I didn't shout at her or show any annoyance when she told me what had happened to the lime line and I'm rather proud of myself for that.

I have told her that she can study what ever she likes . She was happy with that and said although she wasn't interested in the time line of Roman emperors or the way they built there roads , she did still want to make the Roman feast we had talked about.

I think that's what she will be doing tomorrow.There is talk of Roman bread, Roman beef stew and shes still searching for a pudding recipe that isn't apple related .

Gypsie had the choice of putting on a play of king Sankara's horse, or making story board .Shes opted for the story board option. She has the whole week to do this and is making slow but steady progress.

We also did some geometry together .

Summer is continuing with Norse mythology. Re telling stories from the children of Odin and illustrating them too.

 Charlie and i have been reading and today he has been practising the letter c and illustrating a story. Hes been doing lots of colouring and drawing today and has expressed an interest in making a time capsule sometime soon.

I helped charlie make some autumn lead wax window clings....one of those crafts that didn't quite work out as it should have done. But he enjoyed it !


  Autumn is most defiantly here the walk in the rain yesterday left us all feeling very weather battered and realising that we all need some more suitable shoes to see us through the next few months

                                                      ....yes soggy feet !


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