Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Michaelmas 2012

On Saturday we celebrated Michaelmas.

Id cut out some felt shapes which Charlie arranged on Jasmines mini pool table.I didn't have enough felt to make a base for him so we up cycled the pool table !


Later I made some bread dough and divided it in to four pieces .The children all eagerly arrived at the table to create there dragon bread.

Jasmine soon decided that she didn't want to be part of our celebration , instead she headed out for the day to have lunch at my mums and play at the park and watch a football match with my youngest sister.I was a bit sad but its fine at the grand old age of twelve she has every right to decide what she wants to do. And on the plus side I got to make my own dragon from her share of the dough!

Gypsies dragon

Summers dragon

Mummy's dragon that Gypsie thought looks like an axolotl .I'm thinking along the lines of a gecko!

Charlies dragon

We enjoyed a lovely lunch of bread and butter and some very crudely made swords.


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