Wednesday, 17 October 2012

roman feasts, first shoes and sleepovers.

It been pretty productive here the past few days ..........

 Jasmine decided that before finishing her (very small...due to total lack of interest , on her part) Roman project she would prepare a roman feast.


She made a beef , tomato and potato stew and some delicious onion bread. It wasn't authentic at all as I'm pretty sure Romans didn't have jars of Ragu knocking about .However these were recipes she had found on line and i didn't want to discourage her.I also quite fancied this Roman stew and was looking forward to getting away with an evening without cooking .

It was delicious .I however didn't get the evening off because Gypsie , Summer and charlie refused to even try the stew!

Shes been keen to cook this week and as well as the stew and bread she made independently , today she cooked us a lovely tuna pasta bake for lunch.

Jasmine has also baked some scary spiders, some good Halloween fun!

 Charlie had good fun on Friday.He decided he wanted to make a den. I am useless at keeping gifts and so I ended up giving him a sleeping bag that was supposed to be a Christmas gift. He built his den in the lounge and I helped him make a fake flame lantern to make a lovely warm soft glow. I cut some flame shapes from tissue paper and he glued them to an empty glass jar .when the glue was dry we placed a torch inside.

Daddy and charlie spent the whole night in the lounge camping out , feasting on crisps and biscuits and Paul introduced him to the delights of star wars.

In his words it was the best sleep over ever.

On Saturday we needed to head out shopping for shoes for Eva she is desperate to get down outside and chase her brother and sisters around. Jasmine also had outgrown her coat so was in need of a replacement for this winter.Walking from shop to shop in Ryde it became quite clear that if your feet are as teeny tiny as Evas you should only be wearing pram shoes.Those soft  souls were relay not going to be any good in the garden!

Jasmine decided this hat will feature on her Christmas wish list.

We decided to head to Newport  to Matalan where Jasmine found a lovely coat. But still nothing but pram shoes in Evas size.

Brantanoes were are last resort.Eva had her feet properly measured and although one foot was half a size smaller we were told she needed a size 2.

We left the shop with my bank account slightly worse for wear and with the only pair of hard soled shoes in her size....phew She has shoes.

She has been enjoying freedom from the sling .......

Waking to and from Nanny and Grandads house on Saturday.

She walked almost the whole way down to the beach on Sunday morning. Yes it may only be a ten minute walk ....but she has teeny tiny little legs !!!!


We spent Sunday afternoon in the company of my Brother and Sister in law and a fishing trip has been planned for Charlie next weekend , hes counting down the days!

He showed his uncle how to make an exploding volcano , this has been repeated again this morning and now the stock of vinegar and bicarb is seriously depleting , but he has lots of fun.

We have been spending our mornings with the kids working in there main lesson books.Gypsies still working on India and Summers continuing with Norse Mythology.Jasmine has been doing SATS papers.(she asked me to print her off some )
Charlie continues to learn his letters and re-tell Grimm's stories.

We have also found him an excellent science website with loads of great interactive experiments. He has even been filling out on line charts to record these experiments.

Our afternoons have been spent  walking , flying our kite and drinking coffee with Nanny.We also rolled and decorated some beeswax candles too . Charlies candle is a king wearing a crown!

We are having issues at the moment with arguing .I swear some days they get up arguing and go to bed arguing .

Today though had been a good day , not totally argument free but we had been busy , baking , cooking , painting . I was feeling quite positive.


 World war three kicked off.

Charlie and Summer arguing over who was going to bath with Eva and Jasmine getting unbearably stroppy because we wouldn't allow her to go to youth club on account of her being grounded because of earlier behaviour.

To top this all off Eva peed on the lounge floor and having cleaned it up I left the room stating that the floor was slippery , thinking that the older children would keep an eye on her. Nope she slipped on the damp laminate floor and now has a bruised cheek.

Also Charlie seems to be coming down with something and has a fever.

Hoping tomorrow is better. x

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