Friday, 19 October 2012

decorating for halloween on a poorly day

Charlie had a bit of a bad night Wednesday night. He was awake between around midnight and one with his fever and he was shivering and found it hard to get comfy.When the little one cried out for more boobies he was a as good as gold , telling me " go to her mummy , i ll be o.k " Such a caring brave little one.

At this time when i could have done with two pairs of hands or the double bed to myself and the little ones Paul some how managed to sleep right through!

 Once baby was settled i got in to bed with charlie and settled him and he slept right through until his baby sister went tottering in to wake him this morning.

Its cute how much they adore one another!

The kids have been getting quite excited for Halloween .So i suggested that yesterday we should just take it easy and have a house spookifying day.
(Summer however did insist up on some work in her Main lesson book.)

We were all feeling a little under the weather  so it seemed like the best idea.

I spent a while printing some bits off and it became apparent that we needed a few supplies.Charlie made a shopping list.As he cant yet spell without help he decided to draw everything we needed.On to the list went string, black card, black paint, white paint, tape and split pins.
We toddled of to the shop , Charlie still in his pyjamas. According to Jasmine this was very embarrassing . Still i think when your five you can just about get away with it especially if your feeling a little under the weather.

Back at home and with a few sweets and biscuits that were not on the list but are apparently good medicine , we set about making our decorations.


Here is Charlie and his new friend Bone head.He made him all by himself!

This is his scary face !!!!!!!

The kids also made little lanterns, hanging scary things and some paper chains.


I got busy with the craft knife then the children stuck tissue paper to create these beautiful silhouettes.


 Late last night Gypsie taught her sisters to finger knit using some rope we had brought for hanging out decorations.Its the first thing shes picked up this morning too.


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