Thursday, 27 September 2012

The last couple of days we have been in go slow mode.But that's o.k.  Jasmines just finished her First Geography block (UK and American geography) Gypsies finished hers too (Australia and Local geography) And Summers all but finished her first block on animal studies.
Jasmine has had a dentist appointment and will shortly return for permanent fillings on the front teeth that she damaged a while back.We have has lovely visitors and been doing our best to dodge rainfall. (not always successfully)
In between the shower's we headed out for a nice walk.I needed to go to the shops and then Charlie lead the way on a nice walk ( it would have be even nicer had Summer and Gypsie not been moaning about wanting to get home !) On the walk he picked up sticks, berry's, leaves an apple , conkers and fur cones too.

We have also been crafting for Michaelmas.These scratch art magnets were a hit with the four eldest children.

There Is a huge battle going on on the freezer door now!

Gypsie created this dragon too, with bits n bobs from the garden.

I left a hand puppet kit out on the table before going to bed last night .Charlie was so excited to get started that he skipped breakfast altogether and just got straight on with sewing !

Charlie, Gypsie and Summer are really into sewing at the moment .Charlie sat and made this little house the other day with no help at all.

He keep asking for experiments all the time too. He is happiest when he has a bottle of vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to play with. Yesterday befor a visit from one of my friends and her gorgeous baby, we were flicking through a science book and decided to make some pasta and marshmallow structures.Once again he didn't need much help at all.Just a bit of guidance with the first of his structures.

Summers made Eva her very own book."Autumn with Eva" Its very cute .

Today, aside from a little maths for jasmine,has mostly been a baking day.They are all good in the kitchen. Even Gypsie is becoming more and more independent in the kitchen now too.She needs to be reminded that its best to actually follow the recipe rather than just trow in all of the ingredients ...but shes getting there.She even went to the shop by herself for cherry's !

There have been chocolate chip cookies,chocolate dipped Viennese fingers and some sort of oat cherry jammy thing that I cant remember the name of, it tasted fab though!

We had also had a visit from my brother and his wife.They came back freshly tanned from there honeymoon in Mauritius.We loved seeing all there holiday snaps and the children all received a lovely gift too.

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