Monday, 10 September 2012

Wedding, beach , birthday cake!

Very tired typing here, so forgive any mistakes.

We have had a busy weekend.My brother got married on Saturday .It was a lovely sunny , special day ( would have been better if OH hadn't of acted so foolishly but i ll spare you the details there!)

I was very proud of my brother and i was also immensely proud of the children.There behaviour and  appearance were commented on many a time. Of course Eva was a star attraction wooing everyone with her big blue eyes!

Sunday , there could of been much tension in the house between myself and OH so i decided to take the kids out to get myself some sea air.
Eva did her usual sand eating, Charlie and Gyp were brave enough to go for a quick dip and then there was also a good bit of burying going on.

Today has been a nice day....

Its odd although i seem to have spent lots of time sitting on my butt drinking coffee today we have still achieved a lot.

Our day started with me prizing the kids away from the t.v. Before the summer holidays i had a  no screen time untill after 3pm policy .But that's kind off fallen by the wayside at the moment.I'm not sure yet if to implement it again .If they are getting all there "work" done then i see no reason to , but i do get infuriated when they watch the same program that was shown the day before and the day before that!

Once the t.v. was turned off and kiddies were dressed we set to work.It is much more difficult now that i am following different lesson plans for the four eldest.But the things they are working on seem to be holding there individual intrests so i think it worth all my extra effort and hectics that goes along with it.

Jasmine started work on a timeline of UK history.
I printed of some blank time line sheets from the SCHOLASTIC website and stuck them together for her.I even wrote the dates on for her ...... i knew that was something that she would get in a tiss with and thought it better to do it myself than to start the day off on a bad vibe and grumpiness.

Today's task was to find out who settled in the UK first and why they had come. She opted to do the whole project as a wall display. (back door display in our case) I'm looking forward to seeing how it develops.

 She wrote about prehistoric man and illustrated her work beautifully too.

Summer started her man and animals block today.We spent a long time making comparisons.We compared man and animal, seed and rock and plant and man.

yes mummy had a go!

Gypsie drew a map of what she thinks Atlantis would have looked like.

And charlie and i read the story of mount Semieli , he drew a picture of the mountain opening and practised drawing Ms and also practised this weeks form.

We have had lots of visitors today (mum, brother the newly weds and a friend) and its been a lovely day.

To top it off Summer came home from her dance class clutching hold of two plaques.She got highly commended in her tap exam and commended for her freestyle....proud mummy moment!

Iv just finished preparing for Jasmines birthday. Here's here card and cake i hope she will like them!

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