Tuesday, 11 September 2012


At this moment 12 years a go i was sat on a ward in a hospital bed cuddling my first born child.She was tiny, doll like, perfect , all i could ever of wished for and more.

Today Jasmine is not quite so tiny, shes almost as tall as me ,  i can steal her shoes !!! But i still feel that same love and bond for her .She is still my baby and she always will be.

Shes sassy when she wants to be , shes feisty and knows her own mind but at other tomes shes shy and  needs her mum,,,, i like those times!

She woke early so she would be able to open her gifts before OH left for work. She also needed to get an early start because she was off out shopping with her nan for a treat.

Once jasmine had left Charlie decided to make use of the empty boxes from her presents....He made a robot and its being his brother , because , as he keeps telling me he doesn't have a brother and he'd really like one!

Awwwww....... I may have to have another baby , after all there is a fifty fifty chance he will get a brother ! lol

Jas returned home (with a beautiful outfit) to find a message on the table that Summer had created out of Eva's bricks!

sweet hey....

Summer also decorated some vegan cupcakes i had made........

Jasmine decided she would like me to help her make a start on one of her crafty gifts . A sequin art elephant .

All too soon it was lunch time and then we were visited by my Auntie. My Mum, Brother, Sisters and Niece and Nephew popped in too for cake and coffee with the birthday girl.
Jasmine chose to have a take away for dinner tonight instead of the usual family tea party.We ordered dominoes and after that she headed off to the park for a while.
She spent this evening  with my youngest sister having what she called a skype party with two lovely home ed friends that live to far away to have payed her a visit in person . She was able to thank them for there cards and giftshe recieved in the post and they were doing the macarana....in true disco party fashion.
She has had a fantastic day, in fact we all have!
We love you Jasmine xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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