Thursday, 6 September 2012

Farm, Shopping , organising, back to homeschool and birthday fun!

I feel like time is swooshing by and i can hardly catch my breath before another week begins.
Paul had last week off work and that just went so, so fast.

We had shopping to do for my brothers wedding.Paul needed some suitable wedding-ish clothes and the kids and i needed some new shoes.

I also thought umbrellas would be a must and now due to me purchasing said umbrellas it seems the sun will be shining down upon my brother and soon to be sister in law! YAY

And now we are all ready and awaiting Saturdays wedding.

Another shopping trip saw me purchase a big world map .We need one for our homeschooling this academic year and the on below was a bargain  £3.99 in the works. Also  I got a fantastic first atlas to use alongside the map.
I also purchased some hard back artist drawing pads from pound land ( yes I'm classy ..i know)

On Thursday we all went to Colman's farms. The kids absolutely loved it there. They were able to feed the lambs and spent hours in the play barn climbing and swinging and sliding . We spent the whole day there admiring and feeding the pony's, ducks, geese, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, llama and chickens.


It was great having Paul off work for a week.

This Monday we returned to our homeschooling. Iv brought a Waldorf curriculum this year for all four eldest children.

We are following my schedule for a 4 day week this year and if anything needs finishing we can do it on a Friday.Or if like this week we have a festival or special occasion we will take that day off and work the other four days!

Iv never been this organised before , quite frankly I'm scaring myself with my organisation.

I have a yer to view hung on the back of the fridge door.

 Septembers plans look like this ......

Jasmines starting a physics block on sound.
Monday started with a very early walk for Jasmine and i as we headed out to find silence.We noted the sounds we could hear in the house  such as the hamsters scurrying and scratching about , daddy clicking the computer mouse , the clock ticking and we continued to make observations as we walked, the leaves blowing across the roads , the birds cheeping.
We talked about how hard it is to find silence and we sat and waited for this beautiful view.
Later Jasmine documented our findings separating all the noises she had herd in to man made and natural sounds.
For copy work she wrote out The breeze at dawn by Rumi.
Gypsie' Summer and i read there container stories and started some mapping . They both mad maps of our home  and Gypsie studied longitude latitude and map keys as well.
Charlie and I read the first part of wise Sophia and he did some beautiful drawings and form drawing too.
To celebrate such a productive first morning i agreed to take the kids to the beach in the afternoon.
We had a fantastic day!

Tuesday was productive all be it a bit chaotic when Jasmine got incredibly frustrated over a drawing she was trying to do.
Still we got a lot completed. We discussed and noted how sound provokes emotion. Jasmine noted some healing and hating words in her lesson book and also wrote out a quote from Gandhi.Along with her favourite song lyrics.
Gypsie and I discussed Africa, the size , population , cultures and landmarks. I read an African myth and she retold the story and illustrated it in her lesson book.
Summer wrote a letter .She pretended she was the mother of  Kate,the daughter in the container story we are reading.
She wrote a lovely letter paying close attention to her use of capital letters.
Again charlie practised form drawing.

Yesterday we took the day off to celebrate Eva's first birthday. The year has just flow by ridiculously fast.Eva really is a blessing I feel so proud to have her as my daughter , she is amazing already showing so much character.
We had a lovely day at home with many visitors and well wishes. We enjoyed a lovely vegan birthday cake and Eva was immensely spoilt.

Today Jasmine has studied Foley art. We played a game of guess the sound using sound clips from this website.

All the children enjoyed the game and Charlie was great at it! Jasmine made a chart in her lesson book one colum for what she guessed the sound was and another for what it actually was.She came to the conclusion that if you are not actually watching the film its pretty difficult to guess the different sounds.
We also discussed pitch and Jasmine made a water and glass jar xylophone and some drums. She recorded these experiments in her lesson book too.

Then we read Grimm's Pied Piper Of Hamlin. and she wrote out a poem by Robbert Browning as copy work.
Summer Made maps of the island and also our local village.
Gypsie and I read another African myth and she illustrated it and retold it in her lesson book.

Gypsie and i also started work on a fraction tree.

I hope we can keep up the momentum and enthusiasm!

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