Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Today's been busy as per usual.

Jasmines continued with her time line adding lots of important dates in UK history.

She marked on the Saxon , viking and roman period as well as some battles, wars and which monarchs reigned and when as well as how long for.

She marked on when stone henge is believed to have been built and illustrated and wrote some information about it too.

She wrote also about Vikings invading and did this lovely picture.

Gypsies still working on Atlanta's, today we thought about plants that may have grown there and how a feast may have looked.

 Summer has been studying the buffalo , shes illustrated and written information. At one stage she even got out a tape measure to see just how large a Buffalo can grow. I must admit we were all surprised!

There has also been candle making and soap making too.

And  charlie, summer and i have collected our sweet pea seeds to dry and plant next year!

Its been great. x

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