Monday, 24 September 2012

Prepering for Michaelmas

 Charlie and I have began preparing for Michaelmas.

This will be the second year we have celebrated it, and i love the meanings behind this celebration.

Charlie was sat at the table and decided he would like to draw a dinosaur , I told him that it will soon be dragon bread day (baking dragon bread was the thing he enjoyed and remembers most from last year) and suggested he drew a dragon instead.

Here is Charlies colourful dragon...cute hey!

This afternoon while Eva napped I squeezed the chance to run through a watercolour tutorial with him.
You can find the tutorial in the Little Acorn Guide here.

We didn't have any watercolour paper so we just gave it our best shot with some printer paper....the results were pretty good.

 My busy boy didn't have time to allow his painting to dry........

On the way home from dropping Summer of at her dance lesson he found a huge stick, that of course became a gun and then a sword perfect for slaying dragons and mums too apparently!

 It was tricky work peddling the tractor with such a huge stick, but he managed it !

We have lots more crafts planned for the week,  so watch this space xxx

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