Saturday, 22 September 2012

I should blog more often .

That way id not find it so hard to post. We have done so much i dont know where to start and what I will remember .

Jasmines spent more time this week studying the UK, shes moved on from the history to the culture and geography and also our exports.

Gypsies finished up a week long block about Australia.We have read two Australian  folk law tales, looked at the longitude and latitude of various Australian cities, discussed the climate and geography, Drawn a map and baked Anzac  biscuits.She has also studied some Australian animals and plants.

Summer has continued her animals and man block. She studied the bald headed eagle (I drew a life sized eagle, using Summers measurements, out on some brown paper which her and charlie had fun painting) The Magpie and then moved on to various bears.

Charlie has been practising the letters T and V as we continue to read stories from the brothers Grimm.

We have all enjoyed lesson two of our Geometry e book.

The children have been enjoying some gardening too.I think almost everyday this week they have headed out to try and de - ivy the front fence. They are making good progress and what makes it all the more brilliant is that this isn't something iv asked them to do ...they simply want to !

I encouraged Charlie to plant some wild flower seeds . He enjoyed hammering some holes in the bottoms of some metal bowls, enlisting the help of his oldest strongest sister .

While gardening Summer accidental trod on a snail, well not just any snail...Stripy. (Every time Charlie finds a white and black stripy snail he insists its "Stripy", this has been going on for a couple of years)
Well I'm afraid to say Stripy been layed to rest. But you will all be happy to know that Summer and Charlie gave him a lovely funeral with prayers and a grave stone with all his snail family and friends attending!

 Charlie said some very beautiful words.

Friday was supposed to be our free day. Gypsie had other ideas. She compiled a list .Among other things there was making flapjacks, baking biscuits and cup cakes and soap and lipstick making. Well i managed to help her with the baking....

And Charlie decided he waned to help with the cleaning up...

Charlies really keen on experiments at the moment so we have been trying a few simple kitchen type ones.

The rainbow in a glass. using sugar of various quantities to make the different water colour solutions different densities.


The fail safe volcano.

And crystal growing.

 Summers been doing some experimenting too , following instructions from a Horrid Henry annual to make slime!

Today's been a lovely day.We met up with some friends that the girls have made on line on a home ed kids group .
Three lovely girls and there father visited us this afternoon. They are from coventry and my children had been eagerly awaiting there visit for a few months now.
We headed top the beach where the bravest of the bunch had a quick swim!
Later we adults enjoyed a cuppa and chat while the children got along just fine and headed out to the park.
Its been a great week. x



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