Monday, 13 August 2012

*would you believe i started writing this post almost a week ago! So many distractions and unfortunately not all good ones*

We have had a second round with the awful cough , cold yucky virus that is refusing to go away.
This weekend had been awfully icky.Eva has been very poorly with a raised temperature and a rash which i am certain is viral. Gypsie and Summer also resorted to going off to bed on Sunday afternoon for a good few hours as they too were burning up.

Today saw no respite .It started of quite promising until i could smell gas. I asked my neighbour if she could smell it to and she told me it was her cooker ? ?? Then when mum phoned and told me she could smell it at the opposite end of the road i knew that it wasn't our supply.

It wasn't until after 6pm that I  happened to corner a gas man and he told me that a tanker dropped its load. ( I'm assuming after a conversation with my dad that it vented its tanks as if it had dropped its load then surely that would be even more devastating)

Any way the smell of Gas is no something that agrees with any of us here. I for one have felt off colour all day.And the children have made many a complaint about the smell. I ts pretty worrying that things like this are allowed to happen out there in the solent!

Any way enough of my moaning some good thing have happened , for instance i won a tenner on the lotto! ( that's already spent on

If your reading this tonight and you still have time pop on to face book and place some bids. A lovely on line friend has set up an on line auction of cchildren's books  &  there is also a giveaway with profits going to 'The Bodhi Tree' ~ A Holistic Centre in the Making offering Treatments to Parents and Carers of Children with Special Needs & Downs Syndrome .If ever there was an excellent excuse to buy more books then this is it. You have until mid day tomorrow to bid !!!!!!/events/371244726281243/371870016218714/?notif_t=event_mall_reply


 Talking of books ,we headed to the library to return some books and i signed up all of the Children except Little Eva to the reading challenge.

I think this will be about the fifth year in a row that the kids have taken part.Id highly recommend it to anyone who wants to encourage there little ones to keep reading throughout the holidays or for those of you with children that simply love to read. ( I have both these scenarios going on)

With 780,000 children aged 4-11 taking part,its obvious I'm not the only mum who's keen to keep the kids reading! The Summer Reading Challenge is the biggest national reading initiative. It runs in libraries throughout the summer holidays, with incentives, activities and events designed to create a real buzz around children's reading. The challenge is simple - to read six or more library books over the summer.

All signed up we left armed with many a book and I have no doubt another library visit will be on the cards very soon.

Monday night was a special night for a certain little boy in our home.

The tooth fairy made her first ever visit to Charlie!

She left not only a shiny pound coin but a tiny poem as well.( I think perhaps she had over herd some older sisters making some awful claims about her realness...shock...horror!!!!)

Needless to say Charlie was very happy.

My little man has been very helpful just lately , helping daddy to fix cars.

And helping mummy in the kitchen and the garden. When making lasagna he compared laying on the pasta sheets to laying floorboards!

He has also collected some tiny caterpillars  ( the naughty things are completely destroying the veg patch) and picking the  blackberries as well.

Iv learnt the all important lesson that i should probably have sowed the carrots further apart!

Much as cuddling carrots are cute they are rather fiddly to peel.

Eva and i have spent a lot of time reading and snuggling  this past week. Taking after her brother she adores the gruffalo too.

I minded my brothers girlfriends little girl for a few days last week. Summer especially enjoyed having someone else to play with in the pool and on the park. ( that's when she wasn't helping her baby sister out of course!)

 In between the coughs , sneezes and splutters there are many little rays of sunshine. xxx

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