Monday, 6 August 2012

This week has been an odd one.

We are all still poorly with a stupid cold. I'm astounded at how long it has lasted .I'm sure poor little Eva has been coughing for at least three weeks now.True to form i was the last one to catch it.Iv been coughing and my eye has been streaming and my nose dripping for 8 days now ...not that I'm counting or

The weather too has taken a tern for the worse. Its not been raining too much but its not exactly sunny either .

And then to top it all of Jasmine had a bad accident on Thursday Evening.

 Call it mothers instinct or whatever else , but I knew some thing bad was going to happen.I just had a bad feeling.Summer wanted to go to the park and I insisted that they were extra careful and asked Jasmine to keep a close eye on her younger sister.
I need to fine tune my psychic powers .Because as i said it was actually Jasmine that got hurt.
They had only been out the house around thirty minutes when i received a phone call from my sister , who had also gone up to the park, telling me Jasmine had fallen of her scooter and knocked out her front teeth.
I don't know how i did it , but i remained calm and told i was sending Paul up to get her.

After an anxious wait of possibly ten minutes, that seemed like an hour. Paul pulled up on the drive and Summer came in crying ( scared for her sisters well being) followed by a bruised and teary Jasmine.She hadn't lost her teeth but both of the top front teeth were broken badly and another was slightly loose.After she had had some cuddles and id calmed myself  ( i was very good and managed not to show the kids how petrified i was....i have a fear of all medical things) I decided that I'd call NHS Direct.Jasmine wasn't in any pain and there hadn't been any bleeding once she was home (phewww...) so we didn't think a hospital trip was necessary.

I went on line and filled in the on line questionnaire type thing on the NHS Direct site. I kept a close eye on Jasmine .We all shared lots of cuddles .I offered Jasmine a choice of cough medicine ( for the icky lurgy cold symptoms) or Calpol for her pain , and she opted for the cough medicine .Again leading me to believe we would be fine to wait to see a dentist in the morning.

I waited from around seven until half ten when I decided that the drama of the evening was so tiring that like every one else in the house I needed to go to bed.And then at just before eleven the phone rings .By the time I'd unlatched baby from booby, run downstairs and coughed to clear my croaky throat i 'd missed the all important call.When I keyed in 1571 i was taken back to the recorded message telling me if my call was not deemed urgent I could expect to wait four hours to receive a call back!!!!!!!

I retreated to bed, looking in first on Jasmine who was sound asleep . I decided to call the Dental emergency line in the morning.

Jasmine was seen Friday afternoon and for now she has temporary filling type caps. Shes on a diet of soft foods and needs to go back in two weeks time for some more work.

She was so very brave throughout the whole ordeal. I didn't go along to the appointment but Paul  told me how fantastic she was . She has been treated to some coloured jeans.

 The whole ordeal has brought the kids all closer together. They were all so concerned about her.Yes its nothing too awful, i know, but even Jasmine has said to me she now appreciates how your day can change in the blink of an eye.One minute your mucking about on the ramps the next your looking at possible root canal work and goodness  knows what else.

For now we are glad shes been temporarily patched up and we are hoping for a good outcome when she sees the dentist in a couple of weeks time.

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