Thursday, 26 July 2012

This week started of quite busy , well busy for us any way. I know loads of you wont consider a couple of appointments as busy , but for us with our slow relaxed kind of life that's busy.

We have all been battling a stupid cough , cold virus. Summer, Eva and Charlie especially have been suffering. I didn't know if Summer was going to be able to make it to her dance exam practise and then she went and injured her foot too.But all well in the end.Summers foot is fine now and calpol and cough syrup continue to be administered.

The weekend passed by all too fast , we visited the local car boot sale and the girls had friends round to play in the pool. We all enjoyed soaking up the long awaited summer sunshine.

Charlie was desperate to help clean the ovens . i was worried about the chemicals on his skin. so i washed off the wire shelf's before letting him clean them. I needn't have been worried because in the absence of rubber gloves he sensibly came up with the idea of using nappy sacks as gloves.

I needed to go out and collect an order , taking Charlie and Eva with me we enjoyed a lovely slow walk together. The ant farm has sparked a great interest with Charlie. So we stopped at each colony he spotted along the way. He also collected some seeds and a worn piece of branch for the nature table. We sat together in the cemetery to enjoy a cool drink and Charlie asked to borrow my phone to take photos of the graves. Yes, a tad morbid but it lead to a great discussion on the observation of different stones and there qualities. some were shiny and looked brand new although they were even older than mummy ! lol.
 He had fun then snapping photos of people , houses and cars and dogs. Even a walk along the same route we take most days is so much fun to a little one and so full of learning opportunities, sometimes us adults hurry about our chores and don't take time to notice the little things. I love little things its what makes me happy! But even I'm guilty of rushing through some days without taking time to really look around me.

When we got in he added his finds to the nature table and decided it needed completely re arranging. In previous years that would have really annoyed me .I like things just so .But iv come to mellow a lot aver the past years and I know that he gained a lot from moving everything off of our perfect display and putting it all back up in a not so tidy way. The gnomes didn't make it back in to the display , instead flower fairy had a baby and while she rested her sons (the gnomes ) sat and watched some t.v. on there wooden sofa charlie built for them.

Oh , Eva is taking the first steps in driving. The next step is growing tall enough to see over the wheel.

Shes also decided that this warmer weather calls for some cool water although boobies are still best of course.

  Which leads me nicely on to my Saturday night photo shoot. Charlie was the photographer .Eva and I were his subject. She looks some what put out that hes invading her evening milky snuggle!

Monday was another gorgeous day. Apart from a wild chicken chase. After the girls made posters to put up and we spent an hour searching it turned out that Bisto was hiding in nettles in the enclosure the whole time !!!!

My mum and sister came round for yet more glorious garden fun. We drank coffee and watched the kids play whilst trying to keep Eva shaded.In a variety of her cousins hats.

That evening Paul brought home some wonderful books.They were found unused and unopened in the office at work .If Paul hadn't of brought them back they were going to be thrown out. We are very happy to give them a home.

Tuesday Paul took the day of work so that he could chauffeur us over to Lake for summers dance exams. She took primary tap and freestyle. I was more nervous than her. She actually couldn't care less. I have so much to learn from my kids!
The sun continued to beat down and we spent a  lot of time outside whilst the exams took place and while waiting for exams to take place. There was a whole lot of waiting i think we were there for a good couple of hours. Had it of been raining I don't think we would have coped so well. As it was Charlie and Eva both made friends to play the time away with. Gypsie sat out in the sun with Daddy reading and i milled in and out of the building.
Summer is happy to report she thinks her exams went well.

Yesterday was going to be a stay at home and relax day .I t turned in to a walk in to the village day as the local shop didn't have any calpol. It was lovely weather to enjoy  walk though so there were no complaints. Mind you when you have just spent your pocket money on sweets there isn't a great deal to complain about really is there?  Sweets in bags  and sticky hands, we strolled and scooted in to the village. Medicine was brought along with another beaker for Madam and she slept peacefully ( after a very disturbed , snuffly night) in her sling most of the way there and back! I kept up the calpol all day yesterday and am pleased that her temperature seems to have gone down for now.

On returning Gyp and Summer both wanted to try out carrying Eva in the sling. They both knew exactly how and where to tie it .......and are fantastic baby wearers! Most baby's I know would not have been so happy with this game of pass the sling but Eva enjoyed it! I ts a good job shes so placid.

The girls played happily in the pool all after noon and nanny and i watched as we again tried to keep a wriggly Eva in the shade.

Charlie decided it was time for some chiseling to take place.We discussed how its important to protect your self from flying fragments of stone and he decided to wear daddy's safety helmet. It proved to be too large and annoying so we had to opt for some goggles.

I know hes only five and a lot of parents (including Charlie's Daddy Shhhhhhh , no , no darling i don't let Charlie raid the shed when your out at work !) would not even consider letting this happen. But in my opinion Charlie is curious of how things work and how he can use tools to create things and its up to me as his mum to show him how to use them without injuring himself or any one else .

He spent a happy hour chiseling away at the stone.

As i sat in the garden again enjoying coffee with OH in the evening , i wondered what was going on inside .There had been no one in the garden besides Me , Paul and the baby for at least half an hour so i thought i better investigate...

This is what i found....( sorry to all those boycotting Tesco)

Now the old me would have shouted . OK i still wanted to shout " I hope you all going to pack all that away in to the right boxes and shelves when you've finished !!!!!" 

I smiled and asked the obvious " are you playing shops?"
And yes they were. Not only that but they were using the monopoly money and were working out how much each person s shopping was coming to and there change.I left the room a happy mum safe in the knowledge that although the room was a mess and we may never be able to play monopoly again, that there was a nice little maths lesson going on!

After the game of shops an outdoor spa party was had.

Unfortunately I didn't have time for a face mask or manicure as I had to bath the littlest ones. But they had great fun!

A late night of TV watching followed.And when i finally got in to bed to read to charlie he typical chose one of the longer stories.
so "Sinbad the sailor" it was, and then I left the room the the girls moaning about his snoring! lol

Eva was slightly more settled last night she still woke every two hours , but that's the norm for her anyway.

This morning we have been enjoying some gardening .
Charlie and i have planted lambs lettuce in the raised bed.

The girls made us a picnic tea party lunch and now they are enjoying the pool again.

Whats not to love.


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