Thursday, 7 June 2012

Where has Summer gone?

 Yesterday was almost a  pyjama day.

Even i ended up answering the door to recieve my grocery delivery in my dressing gown!

Gypsie was up and dressed by about eleven,  Jasmine didn't get dressed at all,and Charlie and Summer decided to get dressed at about dinnertime because they wanted to play outside!

The weather was horrid, grey and wet. And to top it all of we got the news that Paul may be being made redundant.

Still when you are a mummy you need to just get on with things, no time to sit and dwell.And who knows this may be the start of some thing better. I'm trying to remain optimistic.

My best friend is down on the island from Jersey at the moment and she popped in for a cup of tea and a chat. She could hardly believe how much Eva has grown.
 It was lovely to catch up with her.Time just flew by and before long it was time for her to leave.We parted with a hug and the knowledge that we will see each other again in a months time.

Little Eva has most certainly found her feet, well her knees at least. Here she is crawling about the kitchen before being rescued from the oven.

If you noticed, she has developed a strange style where by she only uses on leg. I was worried at first thinking perhaps there was a problem.But shes so strong and can pull herself up to standing. Seems shes already an individual. : )

We had a visit from my mum yesterday too .So more coffee drinking and chatting....Life is Good!!!

I had a disagreement with Jasmine that has resulted in her being grounded. But every cloud has a silver lining. And her being grounded means that iv spent more time doing things with her.Jasmine got out her Pampering Boutique and made some body mist and body cream . I then suggested she make some honey and olive oil cream as well. It smelt just great!

Jas also made some marble clay beads. My photo is not too good they are far more beautiful in real life.

After dinner we played together on the wii. Wii sing and Wii dance was great fun!
I really need to make a concerted effort to do it more often.

  Charlie got busy with his Tap Art Set , this kit provides him with hours of fun.

Summer and Gypsie spent the whole day playing Barbies at one stage the whole of the bedroom floor was covered in A4 sheets of white paper. When i asked why ....."Because its snowing"....oh yes silly me!!!!!

My kids always find a way to make me smile!

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