Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee celebrations

You would need to be living under a rock somewhere to not have realised that this long weekend the queen celebrated 60 years on the thrown with a lavish Diamond jubilee celebrations.

I don't regard myself a royalist but any excuse for some fun ...eh!

There have been a few events here in Bembridge, our little village.

On Saturday we all headed to the community centre.Were we met up with my mum and uncle and auntie. I had a proud mummy moment watching Summer perform with footsteps dance school. She looked very serious concentrating on each move. She enjoyed the performance and nanny was so proud she was in tears....bless her!

As well as watching the dance performance, we watched a magician, we bopped along to Zumba on the stage ( really makes me want to start classes again) ,sat in the fire engine, we waited patiently for a turn on the bouncy castle, threw sponges at the scout leader and much more.

I was happy to see how well behaved my children were. They didn't push and shove in the ques like others were and Charlie was so well behaved he rung out the water from the sponges before throwing them...such a cutie.

After heading home for a quick and easy dinner we ll got in to warmer clothing and footwear and returned for the live music. Unfortunately the first band were rained off stage.But everyone crowded inside the community centre hall to watch the second band. Dispute me being scared Eva's little ears would be damaged for life ( I kept taking her off outside for noise breaks) she loved the music. bouncing around in my arms and clapping away receiving lots of ahhhh s and oooohhh s from fellow band watchers.

Gypsie has a few issues with crowded places and chose to spend a lot of time outside with her dad and brother, but she did just fine .We headed home at around ten to peel of our wet clothes!

Sunday we had a small tea party as requested by Jasmine and then we watched the flotilla on the themes.And the children made crowns. I also popped in to the new charity shop that's just opened down the road from us. Summer has been wanting Miley Cyrus s book "Miles to go " for a while and I was delighted to pick it up for just £2.00.I also brought myself a new book about detoxifying our children.

yesterday was the annual street fair. once again we met up with family and headed up the village to look at the stalls, lucky dips, bouncy castles and such like.The kids started of wearing there crowns but in the excitement they didn't last long. Ice creams were enjoyed. pretty things were purchased, a face was painted and then we strolled around the vintage car show. Charlie was dashing here there and every where in his element.

Last night we watched the jubilee concert.

Today we had planned to go to the life boat regatta and watch the air sea rescue display  although due to rain it was cancelled. We are all hoping that they reschedule it.

Instead my auntie and uncle popped in for a cuppa and chat. And it ended up being a lazy day!

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