Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Waldorf on a budget

There is a strong element of Waldorf running through our homeschooling at the moment.

When i first came across the Waldorf method i was immediately taken in with all the beautiful but simple wooden toys, paper lanterns and stars, beeswax candles and crayons and  play silks.
Beautiful as they are these things come at a price. They are not cheap at all!

Once i set my mind on something though i don't usually give in.

Making bits n pieces has saved me a fortune.

Most recently iv made these wooden tile games for Charlie . Although Eva enjoys a chew and a dribble on them .

These were inspired by some things id seen on etsy.

Although of course my home made ones were much cheaper.And hopefully will mean more to the children because we made them.( charlie helped out by drawing all the stalks on the apples)

I ordered the tiles from Crafty crocodiles.
for about 15p each. And then used Decor pens for the designs.

A charity shop has recently opened in the village. And i was able to get the heart shaped basket for just 10p.

Really simple and easy.

But even the older girls couldn't resist a play as they made up their own letter game.

Now on to play silks. now in all fairness i know play silks are larger than our make do silk scarfs.( another charity shop bargain) but, they are still great. I only brought these two at the weekend and already they have been oceans, forests and pirate head scarfs.

And there you have it, two very cheap and simple ideas giving this aspiring Waldorf mum and her little ones so much pleasure.

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Thank you !

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