Thursday, 14 June 2012

A tiny froggy and Summer lanterns

 Right now i am totally exhausted.

Eva has me nursing almost continually since about seven o'clock this evening.Gypsie is still not asleep , to-ing and throwing to the loo and back to bed complaining of a tickle throat and the man of the house...well hes in bed probably already in the land of nod.

The floors need mopping and the kitchen is in a not too organised state...but i ll deal with that tomorrow...........


While nursing Eva iv read through The Christopherus Curriculum , rough guide to sixth grade, by Donna Simmons.

Now my brain is whirring full of ideas of possibility's for projects for the not too distant future.
I think i need to sit down for a  good few hours and plan out what we are going to do and when. We seem to have so many things we want to do and I really need to get organised.

So what have we been up to today,

Gypsie requested we make toffee apples, so her and Charlie got straight on to that this morning. I ll admit i got a bit side tracked when my lovely brother and his girlfriend came around, and wasn't keeping as close an eye on them as i should. I was of course in the same room, but they ended up burning the toffee. Gypsie has still eaten her toffee apple , so I'm guessing they don't taste too bad!

My brother came to give me assistance in adding my Circle of moms badge to the side bar.............>
( please vote for this blog, and make me a happy lady) I tried yesterday for an hour or so .The simple task had me totally baffled. But he showed me how to do it in about two minutes....Thank you Allan!!!!

Charlie disappeared for a few hours up to mums for lunch. Leaving me with my girls to complete some worksheets about T.V watching ,citizenship , reasons for rules and also anger..........strange mix , but it kept them entertained!

Summer used cookie cutters to lay down some cress seeds in the shape of a butterfly and heart.These are now sitting on the kitchen window sill as we wait for them to germinate.

 Summer also asked if id do a spelling test for her and Jasmine decided she would like to join in as well.

We ate lunch , made by Gypsie and after i had  tidied up i decided to go out to the garden to feed the goldfish. Looking in to the pond i was greeted by this gorgeous little feller.

 Isn't he or she cute? Probably around an inch long .Proof that some of our tadpoles have survived. Also proof that I'm not going mad, I thought one had jumped on my hand and startle me yesterday .

While Eva napped i had time to help Gypsie and summer make some lanterns.Charlie arrived home in time to make one too. Charlie and Gypsie were especially happy that i suggested they take them outside this evening when they went out to play.

I will leave you with this picture of them alight ,making a dull and drizzly evening a little more summer like.

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