Monday, 18 June 2012

Happy Birthday Summer

Today we celebrated Summers ninth birthday.

Time is flying by to fast i remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.
 I remember waking up in labour (contracting every five minutes) and phoning the hospital.
They advised me to come straight in but i for some reason decided to wake the other two children up and bath them and dress them up in beautiful summer dresses before dropping them off at mums ???

I don't remember much of summers birth, it was Easy and all went well. I vividly remember
being wheeled on to the maternity ward after her birth. All the midwives looking in to the glass crib then looking at me asking how such a big baby came from such a tiny woman! Summer was a hefty 8lb 11 and a half oz. She was very long and i remember her taking up much of the tiny crib.Still to me she was as tiny as she was precious and beautiful.

I also remember being astounded that we had be blessed with another girl. I had convinced myself that i was carrying a boy!

The years have simply flown by .Today summer is a confident little lady.Always full of energy.Always making plans.Always wanting to go to new places and try new things. Shes always dancing, skating a jumping about. We are blessed to have her as our daughter.

Summer had asked for a JD Bug scooter for her birthday.Shes been practising her tricks bruising her ankles and falling of and having a great time!

We had a family tea party with her nanny and uncles and aunties and niece and nephew.We played on Wii dance and enjoyed birthday cake, before spending some time outside in the sunshine.

Summer had decided she wanted to make a pinata for her birthday.

She made this all by herself with out any help what so ever. She also made everybody a party bag too.

This evening She had her Tap Ballet and Disco lessons in which she was sung to by the class.

Summer took with her a barbie doll which was a gift from her Nannie. A younger girl ( aged 7)  mocked her for still liking barbies at the age of 9. I asked Summer about the incident and she said " Its o.k i told her my mummy likes barbies and shes older!!!".............i love my girl.

After going to pick her up i brought her home to her chosen dinner of home made lasagna.Her friend was supposed to be coming dinner, but there was a change of plan. i was a bit annoyed as we had arranged it weeks ago..... .Still Summer wasn't bothered and that's the main thing!

This evening she printed of lots of thank you cards to colour in and has been making plans to go out shopping in order to spend her birthday money.

We have enjoyed a lovely day together!

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  1. We are new to home education and in a nutshell, your daughters response to a negative judgement is one of the attributes I am looking to instill in my boys. Well done for not being afraid to be 'different' - wrong is still wrong even if everyone is doing it ;)