Thursday, 31 May 2012

Baking, boxes and a tidy house...for now!

Today has whizzed by in the blink of an eye.

We had a very relaxed morning, Eva got up at around 7 ish but the other didn't rise until after 8.
Gypsie asked if id be able to make her some vegan pancakes.I obliged and as it turned out Charlie enjoyed them even more than she did.

I was happy because Charlie is a fuss pot when it comes to food and although i hate it he often skips breakfast altogether. It was great to see a nice clean plate!

Charlie and i baked some cheese and chive soda bread. we cheated as this came from a packet mix .never the less it was delicious all the same.

Gypsie decided to make flapjacks, they are a firm favourite of hers both to bake and to eat.

While all the baking was going on Summer was making folders for some match attacks card that Jasmine has given her..She also was chatting to friends on line and she wrote to a pen pal too.

Jasmine asked if i had printed of any "work" and was happy to fill in some worksheets about the queen.She found out information on line such as when the queen was born, her full name, all about the coronation, who will take the thrown after her, who she took the thrown from, who she is married to, the names of her children. Even some information about her child hood nickname. ( in case your interested it was Lilibet , because she couldn't pronounce her own name)

Jasmine also designed a Diamond Jubilee cake.

She then also spent time chatting to friends on line using MSN.

I sorted out the Avon orders and made us some lunch before mum came round for a cup of coffee.

While we were discussing yesterdays honey tasting experiment Charlie became very insistent that he wanted to bake honey cake. After mum left i scoured the net for a vegan recipe and we got to work.
Not a bad effort from my little chef.

Our Approved Food order turned up mid way through baking .And in an attempt to fit all our goodies in the kitchen i ended up having to tidy and rearrange the kitchen cupboards.With Summers assistance it didn't take too long.Jasmine ended up on baby sitting duty for a while though.

One of the goodies that arrived from the delivery was some cookie mix. I don't usually by mixes but today has shown me how convenient they are and besides these were a bargain. Jasmine enjoyed making them too.

Paul arrived home to a tidyish house. id even managed to feed the fish, put out the kitchen bin  and put the guinea pigs in the run. Small jobs that he tends to have a slight moan about.

While i cooked dinner Charlie and Gypsie were in there element playing with all the boxes from the delivery. Boxes keep my kids entertained for hours. Today the boxes were houses for dolls.

We ate dinner together and i had a sudden urge to get on with all the jobs that iv not been getting round to. Eva's high chair seat was in need of a good scrub.The bathroom had to be cleaned. i pulled out the sofa and hoovered underneath and behind. I took of all the sofa cushion covers and have washed them. ( not looking forward to putting them all back on in the morning though) and once Eva was settled and Charlie and i had had a bath i even got around to mopping the whole house.


It will no doubt look like a bomb site again within a few hours of the kids getting up tomorrow!

The three little pigs was Charlies choice of book tonight,hair has been combed ,teeth have been brushed, there have been cuddles and goodnight kisses, iv re arranged Eva so that Paul can get in to bed and now every ones snoozing peacefully.

Another day done and dusted, its been great!

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