Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Summer Solstice

I didn't plan on celebrating the solstice until tomorrow but the forecast is outstandingly un-summer like,I thought we best seize the day.

Our day started with circle time , Charlie grabs silk scarves and makes a circle around a candle when I tell him its circle time and then he chooses a few stories from Aesop's Fables. His favourites are the Ass in lions skin at the moment.

After stories which Gypsie and Summer joined in to listen, i helped charlie with the first parts of a mosquito lap book. He has been bitten a few times the day before and we have been discussing why they like to bite. We read through lots of information and he spent a while colouring and drawing in mini books.

Gypsie and Summer did a sofa scavenger hunt. They had to look around the room and list things they could see made from various different materials such as wood and glass.There were also different shaped items they needed to look for, all from the comfort of the sofa!

While all this was going on Summer decided she was going to start a project about Ed Sheeran...she received his latest album as a gift on her birthday and an obsession is fast developing. She wrote down various information and drew a picture of his guitar.She had fun and as far as I'm concerned any writing is educational be it about a pop star or a roman empire.Surely if shes absorbed in what shes doing it cant be bad ...

We all headed outside when Eva settled down for a nap. With Gypsie and Charlies help , using a hoola hoop as a guide we dug out a circular groove in the grass.In which they planted the seeds we saved from last years sunflowers. This is going to be a sunflower house. The idea being that one person at least should be able to sit cocooned within the circle of sunflowers. I realised this evening that we didn't actually leave a space for a door !!! oops !!!

There is not much to see right now , but hopefully it will work!

I though  while some planting was going on it would be a good time to plant the pumpkin seeds. Gypsie did a great job ....Charlie helped for a few minutes before deciding more fun was to be had tipping water in his eye with a watering you do!

Theres was gymnastics and swinging and then mummy got a bit stressed because other plans were being put aside . I have since realised that in reality it really didn't matter that the things she had planned didn't happen.Just looking at these pictures i can see how much fun was being had!

I helped Jasmine with a couple of bracelets she wants to post off to some friends she chats to on line.She got the hang of the plating and knotting in no time!

All was going great until i started to dish up lunch .Delicious roast lamb. Summer decided , as she often does now at meal times that she didn't like roast and wanted to go to the shop for a meal deal. I wouldn't agree to that and world war three kicked of. She kept the screaming up for a good hour.

The toughest hour of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I ended up stressed, she was stressed and all in all i don't know how we didn't have neighbours, passers by or the police at the door. Still I  shall not dwell on that.

The afternoon was spent outdoors.The kids were all happily doing there own thing.Playing barbies out on the drive. Jasmine decided to bake a cake and once again calm was restored.

Until ........Summer decided she wanted an Energy drink, I explained she was not allowed to go to the shop for one because they are not made for children and that i was only looking out for her.This wasn't rely taken on board and we had another tantrum.Thankfully short lived by comparison to the earlier one.

While Gypsie and Summer painted some wooden hooks i painted a sign for our nature table.

This evening i lit a bonfire. I was extremely proud of my self as iv never actually lit a fire before.We burnt lots of garden waste and old wood and talked some more about the solstice.

With horrid weather on its way tomorrow I thing my plans to make a sundial and measure shadows with the children could well be scuppered.

I hope that if you decide to celebrate the solstice you have heaps of fun xxx

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