Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Yesterday was beautiful,Bright and warm.

The children most certainly made the most of it.

Jasmine decided she wanted to get her tomato plants planted in to grow bags, so that was the first task of the day.The smell of tomato plants always reminds me of summer.........

Summer decided a while ago that she wanted to make another fairy garden this year.
We got out supplies from the shed.Hammer, drill, screws and nails and set about  transforming two small broken draws in to a tiny raised bed.
We managed to knock together something that looks passable and filled it with topsoil. while we were outside Gypsie suggested  that we should take a picnic to the tire swing down on the beach.It is her most favourite place to be at the moment.

I made some sandwiches and Gypsie helped me pack a  bag with drinks and some biscuits .

Gypsie could spend hour upon hour here.

Summer had decided to bring a pad and pens along and she sat and copied some pictures from one of the Daisy Meadows books she is reading. "Gemma the gymnastics fairy"

They all spent a long while making fishing rods from old bamboo and sticks and some fishing line they had found.

Charlie found a stone that was put to good use as a Mobile phone! He walked up and down the shore having conversations with an imaginary someone on the other end of the line.

A dog screen saver and key pads were drawn on .

He did find the Orly trouble with a brick phone is that it weighs your trousers down somewhat.

we stayed on the beach for a couple of hours before walking home via the shops for drinks and also to collect some plants for Summers fairy garden. She chose all shades if pink in true girly fashion. We have Sweet peas , sweet Williams and some geraniums too.

upon returning home i watched Summer plant up her garden.Paul returned from work to enjoy a cup of coffee in the garden and i made a start on dinner.

Summer had a friend round to play before going out with her and her mum to ride  and help groom her horses.Shes so lucky she gets to go along to help take care of  these sweet horses.She really enjoys spending time there.

The children played outside with their friends until nine o clock !

As i said they  made the most out of the beautiful weather.

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