Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Today we had a bit of a lazy morning.Jasmine wrote up a couple of recipes and some information about France in her cakes from around the world project and Summer looked at images of fairy gardens. Then they spent the rest of the morning  on line chatting to home schooled friends . 

 Gypsie and I made a vegan bread pudding.

 And we also did a trinity based craft. Charlie , Gypsie and i all made a trinity triangle .

 They are all now hung on the kitchen door , looking rather sweet! Gypsie helped Charlie to make his.I love watching her explain to him what needs to be done and how well he responds to her.

After a tidy up we had some lunch and then i whizzed around tidying and doing the laundry before we had a visit from my mum.

All the time i was chatting to mum Gypsie was outside in the garden .It turned out she had made everyone of the children a fishing rod. How sweet is that ? She is such a caring soul.

she has used various poles she had found in the shed and garden and then for lines she had used thread and she had found some wire to make hooks as well...ingenious!

Charlie was delighted with his but it turns out that Courtney and Jasmine are far to old to be seen with a make shift rod .So for all her efforts there she didn't receive a thank you from them : (

We headed down to the beach again armed with the rods and some ham for bate.

Although charlie thoroughly enjoyed himself he didn't get a single bite.Not that he minded .

I left the beach with some very soggy girls , naming no names Gypsie and Summer, who clearly still can not grasp the concept of what a paddle is.

So its been another fun day.......feeling very grateful right now! XXX

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