Monday, 21 May 2012

Today has been non - stop .

But now the kids are all tucked up in bed snoozing and i have some time to sit n reflect on our day.Its been a good one!

This morning i managed to lay in until 8.40 until Eva was too fidgety to keep on the bed.We came down stairs and Jasmine and Gypsie sorted their own breakfast while i fed Eva some porridge and banana.
After cleaning up said banana and changing Eva, loading the mashing machine and dishwasher  i headed out to hang out two loads of washing put a load in the dryer,feed and let out the chickens and  collect the eggs ( well one anyway).

When i got in Charlie was up and wanting some breakfast .He ended up with polishing off three slices of toast! And it wasn't too long before summer woke to .

I ran Gypsie a bath and we all got dressed and ready for the day ahead.

I'm a bit of a list maker.

Today's list...... a million loads of laundry
                         Cut the hedge
                         Oversee cake baking
                         Post office
                         Ink shop
                         Plant tomatoes, veg and flowers by pond

I like making lists, its just the way i am!

Well I'm happy to report that although I'm totally worn out almost all my to do list got done.

Once we were all up and dressed.Jasmine started baking her cake.
She is doing a project about cakes from around the world and today She wanted to bake a German cake.German Black cherry cake to be precise. The recipe called for a chocolate cake mix but Jasmine baked hers from scratch.She decided because we needed to slice the cake in to three tiers that it would be best to double the recipe. She needed no help what so ever except for me placing the cake in to the oven. Silicon cake molds are a good idea until they are full to the brim with runny mixture and oh so wobbly.

while the cake was in the oven Summer and Jasmine both sat and wrote letters to pen pals.Charlie and Gypsie were both outside for the majority of the morning enjoying the brighter weather.And when Charlie wasn't outside he was creating Lego models.

Here's one he made yesterday.( I think daddy helped with the trailer)

Eva nursed and fell asleep, she then tricked me in to thinking she would be put down for a nap so i headed outside to start chopping down the hedge. Cue Eva waking up! (id managed to cut the hedge for around five minutes) Charlie and Gypsie took over with the hedge cutting and then the grocery shopping arrived.

Once all the shopping was packed away. I managed to slice the cake in to three and i helped Jas use the electric whisk to whip some cream and icing sugar together. She assembled the cake beautifully.

My only criticism is the  she made me wait until after 8pm this evening to have a slice...but it was definitely worth the wait. It is delicious!!!!

I loaded the dishwasher, cleaned down the worktops and before i knew it it was time to feed the troops.

After lunch we had a visit from mum and i got a much welcomed cup of coffee and sit down.Eva had a feed n once again fell asleep. When mum left i tried to put her down  to try n finish of the hedge and yes you guessed it she was having none of it! The only place Eva wants to nap is in my arms.

With Summer amusing Eva it was time to get in the washing and put out another two loads to dry on the line.

Then we headed of out to the post office and the ink shop.

We walked back and had enough time for a quick nappy change and boobie for Eva whilst Summer got dressed in to her ballet things.It was decided we would go up to the community centre earlier so that the children could use the park before Summers ballet, disco and tap lesson started.

There is lots of play equipment but instead Gypsie thinks the benches are best for jumping off of!

Eva very much enjoys the swings.

we kicked a ball about, and generally had a good time until it was time for summers lesson.

Leaving summer behind we headed home where i hurriedly cooked a very convenient meal of frozen fish beans and chips.

Paul went off to collect summer so that she was back just in time for dinner and then they all went off outside to plat in the garden .Enjoying a game of football together.

Gypsie and summer amused Eva for a while so i could yet again tackle the hedge ( oh that hedge...are you sick of hearing about it yet?)

Bathes were being had and at around 8.30 I managed to settle a Eva .with Paul left inside to insure no drowning occurred in my absence i managed to head back out to Clean up the hedge cuttings.While the going was good i decided to plant up the rest of the vegetable patch.Jas joined me for a while and we were unfortunately bombarded by mosquitoes. I thought there must be a reason why sane people don't do there gardening at 9.15 in the evening!

Eva woke for an hour long feed just when i came in from the garden.The girls were all in their room watching T.V and useing the computer. Charlie, Eva and i all snuggled up in my bed for a story or two and now as i said all is quiet.....................

Busy day , but an enjoyable one and I got that blooming hedge cut!!!!!


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