Thursday, 31 May 2012

Conselling ,Beach days and Bees

Just a quick post.

Last Friday i took Gypsie for the first appointment of six with the Isle Of Wight youth trust. We had been referred by the Dr after i took her because i had grown concerned about her anxiety and noise ticks. Although the session wasn't unpleasant.Gypsie didn't in particular get anything from it. She only spoke a couple of times and when she did those few words were uttered to me. We made a family tree and  the councillor spoke of family relations.

He was a nice enough man.He seemed genuine .We agreed on a number of matters especially that i wasn't particularly looking for a label for Gypsie.

However he was shocked when i told him we only met up with the LEA once a year and didn't seem reassured by that one little bit.He said something about if a child goes to school in scruffy clothing people could therefore see things were not well at home.The thought of my children only being seen by some one once a year horrified him somewhat! Obviously the fact that they are part of society seen by hundreds of adults every week didn't occur to him.
 I didn't like to tell him that by law we are not even obliged to agree to the yearly meetings. He was stunned that Home edders didn't have any hard rules to comply with with regard to what and when they studied.

I don't think he really got me when i told him that home edding was a life style choice for us.

We discussed the fact that perhaps where Gyps anxiety's took hold practically overnight around the same time as puberty crept in there could well be some connection.I agree with him and we both acknowledged that although her body is developing I'm not sure her mind is quite up to speed with what is going on.

As far as the noise ticks go.I didn't have a chance to speak about these so i brought it up right at the end of the session. He thinks that perhaps that she has a very active mind and is processing thoughts and somewhat agreeing with these thoughts.Which is exactly what her dad suggested too.

Interesting as it was i left feeling like i was the one receiving the counselling.

We are due to go back again tomorrow.Although we were informed that the sessions are optional . Gypsie has decided that she does not want to go again. I did inform him that i was happy to keep going as long as Gypsie was happy. Seems as though she has made up her mind. She is adamant that shed rather not go again so iv emailed the youth trust to council our sessions.

I'm hoping there are no repercussions as a result of me counselling the appointments.

We gave it a shot and for now at least Gypsie has decided its not for her. Maybe in the future but for now i will respect her choice and help her in any way i can.

So what else has been going on. We have spent practically all our time on the beach. We went shopping for new swimwear on Friday afternoon and so swimming and splashing has been the main activity.

Even daddy joined us for a picnic on Saturday.

When we haven't been on the beach we have been in the garden.

We have seen some newts in the pond and some of our tadpoles have survived too.

Gypsie has been enjoying some pond dipping.

Eva's been attempting to eat everything from pebbles to grass.

Jasmine baked some milk button cakes.

We have celebrated my Brothers 18th birthday.

Yesterday we had a look at bees. Gypsie discovered a hole in the ground down by the pond.Bees have been flying in and out and we have been trying to figure out if the bees have been hibernating there or if there is an underground hive.
unfortunately Charlie decided to try and flood out the bees and block the entrance to the hole with stones. Don't worry they are all still very much alive and buzzing.

I set up a honey tasting party for Charlie, Summer and Gypsie.

We dashed to the shop for some more honey (expensive may i add). i was hoping to get some isle of wight honey but the lady in the delicatessens informed me that sadly they were not getting any until august.

We tasted 4 different verities .two were basic shop brands, one was from Chile and one from Mexico.
I placed a spoonful of each kind in to a cake case and we tasted them in the same order.

i asked the children to describe what they tasted and saw.

Summer amused me , she doesn't like honey but was still willing to take part in the experiment. She told me that three of the verities tasted like sick and the other tasted of vinegar. I had to laugh!

The other two enjoyed themselves , an array of tastes was noted from flowers, syrup, zesty like washing up liquid, roses, tea, coffee and soap! I particularly liked how Gypsie said one kind reminded her of Christmas time.

It was great to see how these honey's tasted so different.

We looked up on the map where the honey had come from and decided on our favourite variety. Gypsie preferred the basic Salisbury's honey where as Charlie and i loved the orange blossom Chilean honey.

In the morning we had spent some time labelling parts of a bee and a flour. there was also some maths worksheets with a bee theme.

We have some bee friendly seeds that really need sewing ...perhaps we will get that done today!


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