Sunday, 20 May 2012

Lots to do and more to think about

We have had a busy old few days.

Friday i got the delivery of a ton of topsoil, oh you would not believe the amount of phone calls, the being let down the goodness knows what else that went in to getting hold of the oh so needed topsoil.And when the delivery arrived i was so excited to see it that it was ridicules. I needed to remind myself that it was just mud.

We recently got new bedroom furniture and I had a brainwave that we would save the main frames to make in to a raised veg garden.
Paul ever so kindly joined two frames together for me and then on Friday we spent a good two and a bit hours shifting the topsoil from the front garden and halfway down the back garden.All good fun.Everyone got involved and was happy to help.There was only one hissy fit had by a certain eleven year old , but we will brush over that.

I started of with Eva in her sling but she soon got wriggly and wanted to be passed between her sisters. we all took turns to hold bubba, shovel top soil and wheel the wheel barrow.Of course there was the odd break thrown in to chat to neighbours and my mum as she passed with their dog!

Charlie had to deploy his tractor for this mammoth task too.

And here we have raised veg bed. I v been trying to plant bits and bobs in it ever since completing it but it would seem that Eva has other ideas at the moment, and they are ideas that don't involve letting mummy plant out veg. I have so far managed to plant out some spinach, some carrots (with summers help) and some onions, I had to leave Gypsie and Charlie in charge of onion planting as Eva was indeed needing some mummy cuddles.

I'm sure there will be heaps more photos of my little veg patch soon....It makes me very happy.

The rest of Friday was spent drinking coffee with mum, and doing the normal house hold chores.Nothing out of the ordinary to report.There was some salt dough thrown in for good measure.

Saturday was a busy one. I needed to walk in to the village for some shopping in the morning and then we spent the afternoon on the beach. It was so nice to watch the kids play on the sand.Charlie and Gypsie especially love the beach.

Not the best picture ever but its not often i catch them all together like this!
They threw stones, splashed, climbed, marked out a long jump and generally had a great time. Charlie is always incapable of staying dry so it was decided he would go home with daddy and get changed whilst we walked along the beach .They would come and meet us in the car once charlie was warm and dry.

So we walked along taking in the familiar scenery. The sea swept tree stumps, the ledges and rocks...we are so lucky to live here!

We plodded along until we came to Gypsies favourite place...the tire swing. We were soon met by Paul and charlie and the fun continued.

Even I had a go on the swing, as you do. You see at the grand old age of thirty I need some assistance!

We swung some more, Charlie and I played one of  his favourite game of collecting old bricks from the shore (which daddy had to carry up to the car to bring home) we had a drink and the afternoon passed all to quickly.

We headed out this morning to meet up with mum and take a walk to a plant sell being hosted by a lady a few roads away.We came away with a new plant to go down by the pond.Although i actually cant remember its name it has very pretty purple flowers and was chosen by Gypsie.

Today Eva has been a real little cling on.Iv not even managed to put her down for a nap, she woke every time i tried .Very cute that she loves me so much but it can be a little hard at times to get on with anything. Still i need to remember on days like today that she will be an independent little girl all too soon and so i will enjoy these cuddles while it lasts.

Gypsie and Jasmine have been out again to the tire swing..they are obsessed!

I was so happy that Gypsie went out With Jasmine and my sister.Shes recently been having a tough time with anxiety and going out .This is the first time shes gone out without me that I can remember in the past six months.I v also noticed that over the past couple of days when we have been out and about shes happy to run ahead , usually she likes to walk as close to me as she can.Its so great to see...

We are off to a counselling session on Friday for Gypsie where we will discuss her noise ticks as well as the anxiety.At the moment I'm in two minds about it.Part of me wishes i hadn't got the ball rolling, so to speak because she really doesn't want to go and because her ticks don't even bother her .And the other part of me desperately wants to get some sort of diagnosis.But then that other part of me thinks why do we need a you can see , I'm so totally confused about what to do for the best.

What ever happens , whatever the outcome she is my gorgeous Gypsie Rose and we love her so that i do know for sure!

 Back to today ....I did manage to rope summer in to helping me make a lovely shell wind chime.

 I have been asked by a beautiful friend to write for her e-zine from a Christian perspective.

This e-zine  is about celebrating different holidays with children, christian,Jewish pagan and Hindu to name a few. I have been  asked to share our traditions, related crafts and recipes. In the  hope it will encourage other people to try something new and learn something about different religions each month.

Of course i agreed straight away to helping. I feel so strongly that we should celebrate the rhythm of the seasons and of the year and in our home we do that with festivals.As we like to say there is always a reason to celebrate.

This is a simple seashell wind chime that we put together with the feast of St John the baptist in mind. John Baptised Jesus using a shell full of water.I only actually found this out recently so my friend has actually helped me out in a big way .I'm learning a lot about the meanings behind why we celebrate in  the way we do and so are the children.

So with my head buzzing full of worries and doubts but also joy and plans i will turn in for the night.

sorry this post is such a rambling one. xxx

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