Friday, 4 May 2012

party tea, cakes and gnomes!

Iv done it again, got too much to write about and so now don't know how to un-muddle my thoughts .This will probably end up a very jumbled rambling post!

We finally got around to having a belated birthday tea party for Gypsie last week.She baked a vegan vanilla sponge and covered it in ready roll icing ready for me to decorate. Gypsie then enjoyed the process of adding some dye to the left over icing and creating a beautiful flower.

She also baked and iced these delicious vegan cup cakes !

Jasmine baked this super delicious quiche.

And we all had a great time with Nannie, Auntie , Uncle and cousins too.

 I still cant quite believe our little angel is 10 already.

Charlie spent last Saturday out freshwater fishing with his Grandad and Uncle . He caught more fish than them both and won a friendly competition he was having beating off the opposition (a 14 year old)......that's my boy!!!!!!

Here he is just before 8am all ready to go , first stop a breakfast buffet....well a man cant fish on an empty stomach!

With Summer  and Jasmine out playing with friends and Charlie fishing Gypsie and i decided that  it would be nice to make some Waldorf window stars with a difference.

 It doesn't look like spring outside right now, its dull  but none the less we have our own spring flower to brighten the window.

It looks a lot prettier than this in real life with the light streaming through.

On Tuesday we celebrated may day.

I wrote this cute poem on the board ....

(sorry about the seriously bad picture quality)

Jasmine and Summer used the poem for copy work Summer even added this lovely watercolour illustration too....

 Of course no celebration is complete without cake. top layer baked by myself,and all the rest made by Jasmine. It was delicious!

And now as we come to the end of the week Gnomes have taken over. I love the cute Waldorf style gnomes.Iv been meaning to make some for months.I finally got round to it on Tuesday night.(because when your totally exhausted after moving bedroom furniture around and generally re arranging they put a big old smile on your face)

So here are the wee folk. Our maths gnomes.

I gave them to charlie first thing Wednesday morning and he loves them.

We decided they needed sleeping bags and a campfire too. Charlie made the fire with hardly any help at all.Using coffee granules, twigs and pebbles.He even used coconut dyed with food colouring to make tiny flames.

Yesterday I painted these posters for the wall.Each has a poem describing the quality of each gnome.

And at present the gnomes are also on the black board.

Charlie has drawn the gnomes and all there jewels in his book, hes already able to tell which gnome likes to share (division), which one looses all his jewels ( minus) and which one is greedy (add) we hope to have lots of fun with maths using these little folk and lots of stories.

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