Tuesday, 24 April 2012

St George's day

Yesterday was st George's day.

We refreshed our memory by reading St George and the dragon , based upon the seven champions by Richard Johnson (1596)

Afree copy of the story is avalable to download, from here.

After reading the above story and a couple of poems i asked the girls to write a poem about dragons.This was met with a lot of moaning and winging, and Summer and Jasmine opted to simply copy out the poems we had read....I guess at least handwriting was practised!

 I liked Summers illustration's.

 Gypsie decided to draw and label a dragon.

Then Summer went on to make illustrations from the story.

Here we have evil enchantress Kalyb ( yes, the fact that she carried of newborns to put them to death is horrid, but it showed me summer had listened well to the story)

On a much brighter note here we have St george and princess Sabia getting married.

Charlie also drew a picture showing St George slaying a whole family of dragons.

unfortunately he decided to draw with a yellow Biro, but you can probably just about make it out! St george is sitting under an orange tree...just like in the story.

I helped Summer bake a large cake bearing a shield, she very much enjoyed decorating this.

And Charlie wanted to bake cupcakes, id say he probably enjoy licking out the bowl the best!


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