Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Yesterday our beautiful angel Gypsie turned 10.

Those 10 years have flown by.
With each year she seems to grow more beautiful.

Of all our children Gypsie is the least academic , she struggles with  reading writing and arithmetic and doesn't find the same joy in books that her siblings do...........however she is by far the most creative.

I'm sure if she was in school she would have been labelled SEN by now. It is for that reason I'm so glad to be able to home educate her.

At home i will be honest , the persistent humming noise she makes does aggravate us all  (we do make her aware shes doing it, in the hope she can control it ) but she is able to learn at her own rate in a relaxed environment on subjects and topics she finds interesting and just be Gypsie, our kind,caring , considerate, creative little girl.

I feel very lucky to have her in my life.

Now you will probably notice the above photo is not an extremely happy blowing your candles out , happy shot!

Unfortunately Gypsies family tea party has had to be put on hold.

For the past 11days now the children, Paul and i have been in various states of collapse, due to a very icky virus. Myself and Paul have not been too badly kit.The kids on the other hand have been very unwell.

They still are rather poorly......

Before the virus took a propper strong hold , in the more moderate icky times we have managed to have some fun.

last week a felow home eding friend visited with her hubby and their 6 children.The children all had fun outside while the smallest of our broods slept, leaving us mums to chat.

Charlie thinks at the age of almost seven months its time he trained up Eva to be a swash buckling pirate.

 Now put down those toys and work on drawing your sward!!!!!!!!!!

 Almost there...............a few lessons more perhaps ???

 After a rest Charlie felt well enough to help daddy with a bonfire.

 Jasmine has been continuing to bake and decorate lots of goodies for us all.

We have designed and made Easter gardens.

                                                             summers design.

                                                               Charlies design.

 Both featuring crosses, tomb, a pond and charlies even had a path.

Using the most basic of equipment,

A baby food jar
A cup cake case wrapper
A turkey roaster foil tray
Some top soil
Elastic band
Grass seed ( i got some cat grass seed as its edible and free of chemicals)

They set about making there gardens.

 Here he is washing some pebbles

And  trying very hard to wheel some soil down to the garden bench.

 simple cross made from the twigs and rubber band.

  And a large pebble covering the entrance to the tomb ( a mound of earth covering the baby food jar)

We are just waiting now for the seeds to grow!

We have also been planting many seeds.

 Check out my frithfty seed labels.....broken pegs!

We have also made a start with the veggies too.

purple sprouting

All planted up and sitting on the old T.V cabinet (Jamie Oliver Style)

Gypsies beetroot has been planted in the veg patch and the chooks are no longer aloud to leave there ( very large)  run, due to the fact that they ate the lot last year!!!!

I hope everyone reading this is enjoying the weather and is germ free!


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